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The Monetisation Blueprint under industry press spotlight

Your weekly event industry news roundup from ExpoPlatform – ExpoPlatform’s Monetization Blueprint is put under the spotlight by the industry press, the debate about data control is set to continue with UFI and some insight into how event professionals can overcome imposter syndrome.

ExpoPlatform’s Monetization Blueprint under industry spotlight

ExpoPlatform’s Monetiztation Blueprint has received coverage from a leading magazine which highlights the ebook’s analysis of the “problems and opportunities” to drive revenue through new digital channels.

The article in Conference & Meetings World provides an overview of some of the key topics covered in our in-depth practical guide for organizers.

This was the latest in our series of ebooks helping event planners make a success of monetization opportunities in this new landscape and futureproof their business models.

Download your free copy of the ebook here.

It said: “Covid-19 has changed the way event organisers monetise their digital platforms and ExpoPlatform believes that this industry shift, accelerated by the pandemic, requires new skill sets and new processes that are critical to shifting revenue mixes more equitably between digital and in-person engagement. 

“The Monetisation Blueprint looks to provide a practical resource that gives advice to organisers who want to make this change.”

Business travel given focus in Australian export report

The need to build business capability and solve staffing problems has been welcomed as a focus in a new report about the future of Australian tourism.

A panel has published its draft Reimagining the Visitor Economy with 49 recommendations to industry and government leaders following six months of consultation.

It highlights the importance of business travel – including for meetings and events – as being worth £14.9 billion ($27.8bn AUS) to the sector in 2019.

Now, release of the report has been praised by the Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC) for its focus on some of the major hurdles facing recovery in the country.

Peter Shelley, managing director of ATEC, said: “We are pleased to see the report has comprehensively covered off on the major issues affecting our industry as well as some of the challenges the industry was already facing before the pandemic.

“Issues such as the significant deficit in our workforce, which will be critical to the success of tourism’s recovery, have been highlighted as a major focus for government’s nationally and the need to build the pathway to success from marketing to air capacity, Visas, renewed product offering and building business capability.”

This was the country’s fourth largest export sector before the Covid-19 pandemic, worth £88.9bn ($166bn AUS) and employing 660,000 people in 2019.

Challenges facing the visitor economy were worsened by the outbreak and forced the need for a longterm strategic planning to rebuild and grow the industry.

Contributions are now being sought for on the draft strategy to drive this sector in 2030, with the deadline set at December 23 2021.

UFI Connects: the Data debate continues…

It’s been the hottest topic in town for some time in our industry – the conversations around data control are not going away.

UFI Connects has announced it will be holding another session dedicated to the topic next month, featuring a panel of industry leaders.

The debate was sparked by an online event featuring our CEO Tanya Pinchuk at the organisation’s 2021 European Conference, which focussed on how virtual event platforms use the information they are collecting.

It was followed by an expert panel discussion over control of event data which saw organisers asked if they are “seriously paying to let the barbarians in”.

Despite research showing strong calls for planners to stay in control from the vast majority of the industry, it seems the argument is not disappearing.

This latest session will allow event professionals to ask authors of an expert paper on this topic about their findings.

It will be held online on December 7 as a Q&A-based session.

Updates to EU Covid-19 passports put forward

New proposals have been put forward to make the EU’s Covid-19 vaccination certificates valid for nine months after full vaccination.

The plans by the European Commission have also opened the way for boosters to be linked to these passes, which should provide some clarity for event professionals planning to travel.

EU digital certificate holders should be exempt from free movement restrictions in principle, unless they are necessary and proportionate to safeguard public health.

Proposals were also put forward by the commission relating to those from outside the scheme, prioritising vaccinated travellers:

  • Member States should reopen systematically to those vaccinated with vaccines having completed the WHO emergency use listing process, in addition to reopening to those vaccinated with EU-approved vaccines as is the case today.
  • Proof of a negative PCR test will always be required for all travellers who have been vaccinated with a WHO-approved vaccine that is not approved by the European Medicines Agency, and for recovered travellers.
  • The updates also introduce a time limit of 9 months for the acceptance of vaccination certificates after the primary vaccination series.
  • The updates also include acceptance of vaccination certificates issued after an additional dose.
  • Member States should accept non-EU vaccination and recovery certificates deemed equivalent to the EU certificate.

The commission’s proposals will now be discussed by the EU member states, with January 10 earmarked as the date for the new rules to apply.

Dealing with imposter syndrome

“Planners are expected to wear many hats, take responsibility for peoples’ safety, plan a budget, manage challenging situations, incorporate new technology and develop creative solutions to meet event objectives on a deadline. Even under normal circumstances, it’s a lot to juggle.”

That’s one extract from a piece in Event Manager’s Blog about the struggles with imposter syndrome in our industry.

The article outlines how people can struggle with self-doubt and insecurity around their capabilities, competence and intelligence in the workplace. 

Covid-19 placed even more pressure on event professionals who already have one of the most stressful jobs going.

This important piece by EMB sets out how you can overcome these doubts through gaining a different perspective – and self care.

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