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Reduce your event’s carbon footprint and
plant trees with our Sustainability programme

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Meetings Make Trees

  • Every meeting made in the App we will plant a tree – co-funded by organiser.
  • Making carbon offsetting simple and driving engagement.

We believe in smarter, more sustainable events!

For every demo with us, ExpoPlatform will plant a tree. Book yours now.

Mobile-powered events

  • Every step of the customer journey can be handled through the user’s mobile device.
  • Cutting the need for all hardware, lanyards, Lead Retrieval devices, brochures.

online marketplace software
online marketplace software

QR for everything

  • Exhibitors don’t have to bring catalogues or business cards.
  • Everything uploaded into the App automatically creates QR codes, which can be used to create engagement at the live event.

Go green with ExpoPlatform

For every demo with us, ExpoPlatform will plant a tree 🌳. Book yours now.

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