Hosted Buyer Programme for your next event

Create a personalised concierge experience for your event VIP guests and increase exhibitor ROI.
ai powered smart events

Qualify and onboard hosted buyers online

Map out a seamless journey to qualify and onboard your Hosted Buyers with a data-driven dashboard efficiently.
ai powered smart events

Manage buyer hospitality, meetings and documentation

Support attendees by providing allowance details, essential documents, and hospitality information on the portal.
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The Hosted Buyer Playbook

Your complete guide to creating ROI-driven meeting programs!
ai powered smart events

Supervise meetings with an intuitive dashboard

Gather real-time insights on pre-set appointments using buyer check-ins and meeting-tracker dashboard.
ai powered smart events

Match buyers with relevant sellers using AI

Connect your buyers to suitable exhibitors based on their preferences with utmost accuracy using AI-driven algorithm.
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The hosted-buyer solutions and AI matchmaking abilities created a richer, more connected experience for the participants.

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Using our Hosted buyer solution for VIP experience

Hosted buyer seamless journey

Deliver a VIP experience with our Hoster Buyer program

Build tech-fuelled meeting schedules for your buyers and sellers with highly efficient business and networking opportunities.

For every demo with us, ExpoPlatform will plant a tree 🌳.

ai powered smart events

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