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Sponsorship opportunities

Discover the most complete range of sponsorship opportunities
  • Sell branding options like an exhibitor profile header and background image, virtual meeting room lobby and many more
  • Explore mobile app specials such as a splash screen image with timer and specific banner placements in the exhibitor, product and speaker directories
  • Offer a premium real-time statistics dashboard to track impressions and clicks of pop-up, search and video statistics, as well as complete export

Upsell to exhibitors and sponsors

Add value and set packages easily with premium features and limits
  • Give the exhibitor more presence by enabling specific content for their category with premium showroom profile
  • Manage which exhibitors and products appear in priority with search results visibility
  • Set networking limits and permissions for each category of exhibitor you create to build packages easily
  • Sell premium mobile app features exclusively to bring more ROI to your top exhibitors and sponsors
  • Add value with Lead Intelligence, providing +250% more leads compared with traditional lead retrieval

Revenue Calculator

Check how much revenue your event can generate with ExpoPlatform

Drive revenue year-round

With a full-scale Community platform and 365 Marketplace
  • Deliver leads for sponsors year-round with 365 Marketplace
  • Run virtual hosted buyer meetings to connect buyer/seller groups in different industry niches
  • Schedule monthly webinar series for each brand
  • Get sponsors for Micro-Community groups around different audience clusters

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