Hassle-Free and Effective Registration

Empower your event with a customisable, secure and intuitive registration platform for maximising attendance.
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Craft registration journey with intuitive pipeline

Design your own registration process with a multi-step and customisable pipeline to navigate your visitors.

Customise registration forms with conditional logic

Define various registration flows for different types of visitors using conditional questions in the registration forms for an enhanced experiences.
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Launch email chain for successful registrations

Send emails using custom templates when visitors trigger or complete various actions like successful registration, badge print, password set-up and much more.

Design attendee badges for improved engagement

Make your own badge design for visitor, exhibitor, service personnel, etc and setup custom layout for the badge page.
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Create your fully responsive & SEO friendly website today

Measure the success with real-time data and insights on an intuitive platform. Get a personalised demo of our event app by scheduling a call.
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