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Exhibitor Manual

The easy way to onboard and monetise your exhibitors.

Trusted by the world’s leading event organisers

Exhibitor participation at the PGA Virtual Experience and Marketplace was strong - and we look forward to continued platform enhancements moving forward.

3000+ exhibitors onboarded
using our Exhibitor Manual

Customised exhibitor journeys for your event

Easy to create dynamic, interactive forms and multi-step pipelines to onboard exhibitors. Use the drag'n'drop editor to build unique flows using conditional logic for custom journeys.

Automated reminders and checklists

Allow exhibitors to add team members, upload key documents, complete checklists and set deadlines with automated email reminders.

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Generate revenue

Monetise exhibitors by conneceting them to trusted suppliers with ease through the webstore. Monetise upsells and collect payment through invoices or credit card payment.

Seamless event experience

Part of a seamless event experience from onboarding through to the event itself - without any messy integrations.

Exhibitor onboarding and monetisation simplified

Discover how Exhibitor Manual facilitates seamless exhibitor journeys and boosts ROI.

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