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Connecting your community so they can meet, share and do business year-round
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Engage your Community year-round

Grow an engaged audience year-round through: News; Community Groups; On-demand webinars. 70% of traffic to B2B media comes from organic search. Don’t miss out on this critical audience acquisition channel or buyers with purchase intent.
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Explore new Revenue opportunities

Monetise your community with branding, thought leadership and leads-as-a-service, extending the ROI exhibitors receive over 12 months.

Create new revenue streams by connect buyers and sellers with Supplier Marketplaces, Tendering, and year-round AI matchmaking.

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Generate data and insights into your community, year round.

Personalised experience by capturing behavioural data and progressively profiling users for improved recommendations and a seamless journey.
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connect events

Vinexposium Connect

Vinexposium is the world's leading organiser of wine and spirits events. Their digital portal Vinexposium Connect expands the reach of their live shows by boosting industry engagement and revenue generation year-round.

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