365 Community

Connecting your community so they can meet, share and do business year-round

Grow and engage audience year round

Deliver ‘always on’ content, 365 product marketplace and events, supported by AI matchmaking, meetings and messaging
  • Host webinars and regular meetups to bring the community together live or on-demand
  • Share news and insights in the Content Hub, keeping on-demand sessions, blog and products in one place
  • Build engaged groups by together focused discussion forums, articles and on-demand content with Microcommunity groups option

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Explore new revenue opportunities

Monetise your community and extend the ROI over 12 months
  • Sell branding options like an exhibitor profile header, background images and many more year-round
  • Deliver leads for sponsors year-round with 365 Marketplace and real-time statistics
  • Sell content marketing solutions’ sponsorship like articles, sessions, networking and many more

Build a 365 Marketplace for your industry

Platform to promote exhibitors’ products year-round and generate leads
  • Recommend the most relevant people, sessions, products, companies, news, speakers with smart person-to-object AI-matchmaking
  • Connect your industry and facilitate business year-round with Video Meetings and Messaging
  • Use drag and drop editor to design interactive fully customisable pages
  • Try RFP process for buyers to send a request to multiple vendors at once

Vinexposium Connect

Vinexposium is the world’s leading organiser of wine and spirits events. Their digital portal Vinexposium Connect expands the reach of their live shows by boosting industry engagement and revenue generation year-round.

Generate data and insights into your community, year-round

Personalised experience by capturing behavioural data for improved recommendations and a seamless journey
  • Track your entire event performance with dedicated dashboards
  • Gather insights from customisable downloadable reports
  • Track prospect activities and interactions with exhibitors and sponsors with real-time lead intel
  • Analyse meeting and session-specific metrics

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