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Boost ROI for your sponsors and deliver a seamless journey for participants with this conference platform

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A comprehensive solution for large congresses, conferences and conventions

A wide range of tools for a pain-free experience in one conference platform.
  • Fully customisable solution answering the needs of your event
  • No limits – any number of visitors and sponsors
  • A white-label solution with your branding

TM Forum

The robust scalable capabilities of our platform helped the event organizers to run the virtual experience smoothly over the entire six-week period. Thousands of attendees logged in from around the world to attend hundreds of online sessions and access hours of live and on-demand content.

Boost engagement to get more from your event

Engage your visitors from their registration to onsite networking.
  • Re-engage inactive attendees with targeted campaigns
  • Boost the level of meeting acceptance with notifications of views, meeting invites, messages and favourites
  • Engage your audience via chat and Q&A at pre-event sessions in the conference platform
  • Update registrants on interaction statistics of active users, listing benefits they are getting and encourage to start networking

Plan your visit easily

Use the conference platform to improve the planning process of visiting your event.
  • AI recommendations help you suggest people, products, sponsors and sessions to build high-value connections pre-event
  • Mark relevant people, sessions and content as favourite to send messages, schedule meetings and add to calendar easily
  • Meetings and sessions booked in one calendar with the event and your timezones for clarity

Smart Event Mobile App

Help your audience connect, network, generate leads and share content on the go.
  • Use the app to scan, collect and qualify visitors through notes and contact ratings
  • Offer access to multiple events with a single download of one container app
  • Customise the app homepage and theme
  • Match buyers and exhibitors as well as products and content with an AI-powered matchmaking algorithm

Enhance lead generation for exhibitors with our Smart Event Mobile App

Drive ROI

Discover a wide range of sponsorship options.
  • Sell branding options like banners, profile customisation, mobile app specials and many more
  • Offer a premium real-time statistics dashboard to track impressions and clicks of sponsorship options
  • Add value and set sponsorship packages easily with premium features and limits
  • Offer a premium statistics dashboard to track impressions and clicks of sponsorship options in real time

Revenue Calculator

Check how much revenue your event can generate with ExpoPlatform

Guide visitors with Interactive Floorplan

Build a customisable floorplan layout to make navigation easy.
  • Let exhibitors customise their stands on the map with brief information, custom branding and links to company profiles
  • Drive interactions between the floorplan mini-profiles and visitors with elements like meet, message and favourite
  • Allow visitors to sort the venue spaces based on multiple filters and categories
  • Offer easy navigation with “Get Direction” – search via stand name or exhibitor name to get the route

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