Approved Partner Programmes

Approved Partner Programmes (APPs) are designed to incorporate ExpoPlatform’s comprehensive offering with that of other premium service providers for organisers of exhibitions, conferences and corporate events.
By working with carefully selected partners, we can enrich our client proposition with additional expertise.
onsite and live event management
onsite and live event management
Audience Smart Reach

Grow your audience with the right people

Identify the most engaged segments of visitors and exhibitors on our platform and find more of them.

Connect your community’s first-party data to programmatic networks.

Increase your reach, audience & revenue using paid media across search, social, programmatic and video.

VIP Concierge and Digital Sales

Grow your audience with the right people

Create a bespoke, fully hosted experience for your most valuable buyers.

Professional concierge team will call and email to setup meetings, using our software to schedule meetings.

The service continues when you go on-site with team available to meet your VIPs at the venue.

onsite and live event management
onsite and live event management
eCommerce Transactions

Turn your community into transactional marketplace

Allow your exhibitors to directly sell products to consumers, adding ecommerce functionality to their virtual showrooms.

Games and Online Training

Engage audience online with games and learning

Gamification software will take your virtual event experience to the next level.

Create engaging and fun games quickly (no coding required) that will educate and activate your audience.

onsite and live event management
smart events revenue modelling
Location Tracking

Improve audience navigation in your venues

Provide an indoor positioning system with ‘blue dot’ navigation, mobile tracking, personalised engagement and footfall analytics at the venue.

Multilingual Captions and Interpreters

Make your event content accessible for everyone

Facilitate content accessibility at your event with multi-language video player, live remote interpretation management & AV production.

smart events revenue modelling
smart events revenue modelling
Facial Recognition, Badging & Attendee Tracking

Build friction-less registration flows

Manage visitor journeys at your event with the faster and touchless check-ins, badging and live analytics.