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12 Event Tech-mas treats for a jolly 2024

‘Tis the season to be techie! As we gear up for the holiday season, it’s time to unwrap some festive event tech-mas treats that will make your 2024 merry and bright 🎁

Santa’s workshop might be filled with toys and gadgets, but our event tech-mas workshop is bursting with innovative ideas to level up your events 🎅

So, gather ’round, grab a cup of hot cocoa and get ready to sleigh your event game with these 12 jolly event tech-mas treats!

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1. Holly Jolly Event Website

event website christmas

An event website is like a Christmas tree, beautifully decorated and adorned with all the information your attendees need.

From show details to schedules, speaker bios to ticket sales, you can showcase it all in one place.

No more confusion or chaos, just a neat and organised hub where your attendees can find everything they need.

Get started with your Event Website now.

2. Elf-icient sign-ups with Online Registration

online registration tech

Give yourself the gift of convenience and efficiency with an online registration platform that will make organising your event shindigs a breeze.

From ticket sales to attendee information, this tech-mas treat will have you singing carols of joy!

Explore our Online Registration solution to get maximise attendance at your show.

3. Smart Event mobile app-y holidays

smart event app

Santa’s bag got an upgrade! Our smart event mobile app will guide attendees through your show like a guiding light – providing real-time updates, agenda details and interactive features to keep spirits high.

From registration and ticketing to scheduling and attendee engagement, this app has got you covered.

You can create a winter wonderland of personalised experiences for your guests, with features like personalised notifications, interactive maps and networking opportunities.

Plus, with real-time analytics, you’ll have a Rudolph’s-eye view of how your event is performing, so you can make adjustments on the fly.

Learn how our Mobile Event App digitally extends the smart event experience for attendees. 

4. Ho-ho-hosted buyer

hosted buyer events

Spread cheer by making your VIP buyers feel like the stars on top of the Christmas tree.

And what better way to do that than with a tech-infused, carefully crafted meeting schedule solution? It’s the thought that counts, after all, so let’s make it count big time!

Introducing our Hosted Buyer Programme, where efficiency meets exclusivity and value meets holiday magic.

With this jolly meetings schedule, you can pack months worth of business deals into just a few merry days.

With our tech-fuelled hosted buyer, you’ll be the talk of the North Pole and beyond!

Create your personalised concierge experience with our Hosted Buyer Programme

5. AI-powered wishlist

ai-powered matchmaking

This Christmas, forget mistletoe-induced awkwardness.

Let AI matchmaking tech bringing participants together like the joy of a perfect wishlist from Santa Claus.

Think of it as an elf in coding, analysing preferences and desires with reindeer-speed precision to create connections that sparkle brighter than twinkling lights.

No more mingling madness or wallflower woes. AI matchmaking sniffs out compatible connections like Santa sniffing out chimneys on Christmas Eve.

This tech-fuelled wishlist helps you deliver qualified leads using an intelligent algorithm to increase meaningful business among your attendees.

Discover the magic of networking powered by AI matchmaking solutions.

6. Festive Marketplace

365 marketplaces

Forget the 12 Days of Christmas – with 365 Marketplace, it’s like 365 days of unwrapping magical event experiences.

This platform is no lump of coal in your stocking – it’s a treasure trove of tools and services, ready to sleigh your event woes and sprinkle festive cheer for organisers and attendees alike.

What’s more, it isn’t just a one-horse open sleigh.

A 365 Marketplace also plays matchmaker, connecting the exhibitors with the right buyers.

Its clever algorithms recommend providers based on the user’s needs and budget.

It’s like having a team of merry event-planning elves at your fingertips, ensuring every detail is jolly and bright.

Drive year-round engagement and business with our 365 marketplace module.

7. Help leads snowball 250%

lead intelligence

Don’t be a Scrooge when it comes to your exhibitors’ return on investment.

Give them the gift of myrrh ROI with our merry Lead Intelligence solution.

Our ExpoPlatform module has the magic touch to make your leads shine brighter than Rudolph’s nose – you’ll be decking the halls with more than ever before.

It’s like having Santa’s workshop at your fingertips, bringing together all the online and onsite touchpoints into one jolly dashboard.

No more searching through a tangled string of lights to find the information you need – it’s all conveniently wrapped up in a neat little package.

Learn how to boost exhibitor leads by 250% with our Lead Intelligence technology.

6. Exhibitor Manual gift box

exhibitor manual solution

Exhibitor manuals are stocking stuffers of efficiency.

These handy guides providing all the tools and information you need to dazzle attendees and rock your event.

The manual becomes the North Pole to your event, with all the vital details – booth setup schedules, electrical requirements, marketing resources, and event logistics – laid out clearly.

It’s a time-saver which frees you up to sprinkle festive cheer and ensure everything runs smoothly.

Onboard your exhibitor easily with ExpoPlatform’s Exhibitor Manual.

9. Meetings, greetings and scheduling

meeting & scheduling

Imagine a wonderland where scheduling conflicts melt away like snowflakes on a warm stove.

Attendees can browse sessions and meetings as easily as picking ornaments for the tree, seamlessly syncing their calendars with just a sprinkle of holiday magic.

No more phone tag with speakers or double-booked reindeer flights – Meeting and Scheduling solutions are the candy canes of event tech, sweetening your workload and spreading festivity with every booked meeting.

Enable attendees and exhibitors to seamlessly manage their meeting agenda with our Meetings and Scheduling tool.  

10. Nativ(ity) integration

native integration

Ditch the duct tape and glue sticks – this Christmas, leave the clunky integrations behind and unwrap the sleigh-load of benefits that native event tech offers.

Native integrations are like perfectly-sized gingerbread cookies, fitting snugly into your event platform and spreading sweet efficiency right to the elves’ workshop.

Here are the different integrations available with ExpoPlatform’s event tech solutions.

11. Floorplan for Santa’s Sleigh

interactive 3d floorplan

Our Interactive Floorplan is like the bright red nose of Rudolph, guiding participants through the bustling event venue to find exactly what they need to get business done.

With our customisable layout, we will work tirelessly like Santa’s elves to create a floorplan that fits your event’s needs.

We’ll map out the venue spaces – from the twinkling exhibition stalls adorned with festive decorations to the conference rooms where ideas and collaboration abound and even to the stage areas where magic moments happen.

Learn how you can make your event experience a lot better using our Interactive Floorplan

12. Sleigh’tacular Online Sponsorships

online sponsorships

Deck the halls with boughs of sponsorship joy!

These online monetisation options are the Christmas crackers of event planning, promising delightful deals and bringing festive cheer to organisers.

With this tech wonder in your toolkit, you can spruce up your event with dazzling sponsorships that shine like tinsel.

Bid farewell to the ghost of sponsorships past and embrace the future of jolly collaborations that warm the cockles of your event planner heart.

Explore Sponsorship Monetisation options for your event.

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