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Event mobile app downloads have doubled – find out why

Event mobile app downloads have doubled in two years as the digital transformation of our industry continues, according to new research.

Figures from ExpoPlatform show the number of live show participants using the tool is around two times as many now than it was pre-pandemic.

It comes as exhibitors, attendees and organisers have all witnessed the benefits of Smart Event technology grow since emerging from lockdown.

That is why it is expected this trend will continue throughout the remainder of 2022 and onwards –  the North American market value alone set to more than double from $371 million now to more than $830m by 2028.

north american event app value 2022 to 2028

Havina Sirohia, from Informa Markets, previously told ExpoPlatform how this sort of technology would soon become “synonymous” with live shows.

The digital operations and event technology project manager said: “I definitely see tech and events becoming more synonymous as one thing.

“To me it would be great if we no longer refer to an event app or to tech, as if it was just already a seamless part of that experience. 

“It shouldn’t be something we think of as separate, it should be intrinsic.” 

Here we set out some of the top benefits included from using an event mobile app at your in-person production.

Increase exhibitor leads more than 250% at live events

Participants can use the app to scan, collect and qualify visitors through notes and contact ratings.

The saved data is constantly synchronised with an omnichannel exhibitor dashboard to offer real-time insights.

event mobile app

Its benefits can be seen at Pharmapack Europe 2022, which saw Informa Markets use ExpoPlatform technology to increase exhibitor leads by 258%. Read the case study for more.

Offer access to multiple events with a single download

Using a container app allows you to can group the events you have in a portfolio under one umbrella – rather than having a separate app for each.

This gives a seamless experience to you attendees and exhibitors who now expect the use of digital tools to be as painless professionally as in their private lives.

Customise homepage and theme

A Smart Event mobile app allows you to design a custom homepage with your branding and important messaging.

event mobile app

The landing site can be customised to include all the information your audience needs to get started – such as login details, profile pages, contact information and links.

Generate more digital revenue

Premium exhibitor profiles, banner ads and interactive splash screens are all options which can generate more digital revenue.

Add these to your event mobile app to create new monetisation options.

engagement best practices

This can be taken a step further by adding a year-round option to your Smart Event – which can growing digital revenue by a further 300%.

Find out how to launch your own 365 business model around your lives shows by reading our free Community Blueprint.

Interactive floorplan 

A customisable floorplan layout helps to guide attendees around important venue spaces such as exhibitions stalls, conference rooms and stage areas.

Usual blue-dot wayfinder technologies don’t work in exhibition spaces, which is why those found on a Smart Event app are so valuable.

This will drive interactions between the floorplan mini-profiles and the visitors with elements like meet, message and favourite.

AI-powered Product Tinder

An AI-powered algorithm is used to bring the most suitable people or items to the attention of users.

product tinder event mobile app

Users can swipe right or left in the Product Tinder feature to favourite or ignore products, read information and browse the product catalogue.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it useful. At ExpoPlatform, we want to help you build better events and communities. Please get in touch and ask for a demo here. Thank you.