Meeting Wizard + Tables management
August 31, 2022

A flexible meeting booking wizard that allows the organiser to arrange meetings on behalf of visitors and exhibitors, in specific networking zones and specific tables, or as regular meetings.

meeting wizards and table management

Available in the Admin Panel > Event Setup > Networking & Matchmaking: “Zones”, “Table Meeting List”

meeting wizards and table management


What are the benefits?

  • Provide dedicated concierge service to your VIPs and top buyers
  • Easily manage closed networking formats at tables
  • Get visibility on the schedule for each zone, to manage meetings onsite

Summary of features

  • Ability for the organiser to create Zones, allocate tables with capacity and times.
  • Set up table meetings (or regular meetings if tables are off) on behalf of visitors and exhibitors 
  • Monitor the number of booked meetings and statuses within each Zone.