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April 2024 product update: In-App Update for enhanced user experience
Event Mobile App
April 1, 2024

In-App Update

We have implemented a crucial update to help your end-users have a vastly improved event app experience.

Our In-App Update allows organizers to notify users of new app versions with bug fixes and enhanced features. Here are the highlights:

End-users can know that the new version of the app is available for them to update. The In-App Updates can be set as: 

  • Critical Update: Includes bug fixes and security of the app which is significantly affecting the working of the app and hindering the use of app. This app update will draw users attention to prioritize and promptly update their app for smooth app functioning and mitigating the negative user experience.
  • Desired Updated: This In-App Update keeps the users informed about the general update done to the app so they can choose to update their app for a better user experience.


Improves user experience by notifying them of the availability of a new app version, containing bug fixes and new features for enhanced functionality.

What else is NEW?

Changes made to the deadline date of any section of the Exhibitor Manual will not delete already collected data

What is it?

Enhancements have been implemented in the deadline date section of the exhibitor manual.

With these updates, data previously entered will remain preserved even if the organizer adjusts the deadline date for any section.

However, if modifications are made to any form, exhibitors must refill their details, even if they have already submitted them.

The modification to the date does not necessitate saving; the deadline date automatically updates upon selection from the calendar.

Changes made to deadline

The system displays a warning message to alert the organizer when exhibitors need to update their details due to changes in the live form.

This form is live and has been filled out by at least one exhibitor. If you modify it, exhibitors will need to fill it out again. Changing the deadline won’t require exhibitors to refill the form.

What are the benefits?

Enables the retention of previously gathered data even when modifying the deadline date for any section.

Session speakers in Exhibitor events

What is it?

Enhancements have been implemented in the logic for adding Speakers and Moderators to Exhibitor Events, enabling all Speakers and Moderators linked with Sessions to serve as Speakers and Moderators for Exhibitor events, along with their team members.

Admin Panel Settings: A new settings Sessions Speakers/Moderators available for Events” added under Session Configuration →Exhibitor Event Column

Session Speakers

Default State: Off

What are the benefits?

Capability to designate session speakers and moderators as speakers and moderators for exhibitor events.

My/Team schedule drawer in the meeting request page 

What is it?

A new setting is enabled on the meeting creating page both Web/App which allows the user to view their schedule while scheduling a meeting with another user.

The option to view My schedule on the meeting creation page is only available on the New Meeting Flow. This allows users to refer to their existing meetings and availability while booking a new meeting.

When a user clicks on My Schedule, a pop-up shows the schedule for the date selected on the meeting request form.

My Team Schedule

The pop-up consists of Date selector, Team member selector (Exhibitor with TM) and schedule grid in calendar view.

Record cards in the scheduling pop-up are active they are clickable and show the details of the session when clicked.

What are the benefits?

Users have flexibility to review their schedule and availability before scheduling a meeting, enabling them to plan their meetings more effectively.

Rename Sponsor Block on App

What is it?

A new setting called “Name on the Exhibitors List Page” and “Name on the Products List Page” has been introduced on the Sponsor Settings page (/sponsors/settings). This feature enables organizers to customize the name displayed for sponsored exhibitors and sponsored products on both the app and web platforms, on the exhibitor list page.

The sponsor block name can contain a maximum of 60 characters.

Rename Sponsor Blog

Note: Customizations on Sponsor’s and Sponsored products’ names are also possible by using CSS code in both app or Web. This customisation is allowed for increasing font size, colour, type etc

What are the benefits?

Flexibility for the organizer to rename the sponsor block as per the event requirement.

March 2024 product update: Unlock Powerful Check-in Analytics
March 13, 2024

March 2024 product update

Understanding attendee flow and engagement is critical to assess your event’s success.

That’s why we have revamped our Check-in Analytics page to provide a clearer, more synchronised view of your check-in/check-out data.

Say goodbye to deciphering complex reports. With user-friendly graphs and an intuitive interface, you can easily analyze visitor traffic data at your shows.

Find out more below ⤵️

Check-in Analytics

What is it?

Check in Analytics page has been enhance to display the Check-In/Out data in a more synchronized manner so that it becomes easy for the organiser to read and interpret the data better. This page has 5 graphs that represents data

1. Registration: The registration Pie Chart illustrates registration details both before and during the event days. Organizers can filter registration data based on user categories.


2. Total Check-In/Out: This bar graph shows the details of the users who have checked in/out from the event. 

Total Check-in out

3. Registration v/s Check-In: The pie chart presents the total registration count, indicating how many registered users have checked in at least once and how many have not checked in at all.

Registration vs check in

4. Heatmap: Provides a powerful visual analysis of check-in activity across your event space using a 10-color gradient, where the darker shades indicate zones with higher concentration of attendees.

Heatmap view

5. Total Check In/Out by Zone: This section displays information about the top 5 zones where the highest number of check-ins were recorded.

Top zones

What are the benefits?

The enhanced Check-In Analytics page offers organizers a more intuitive interface, facilitating easier interpretation of graph data.


1. Predefined list of Other locations for Sessions/Events

What is it?

In the Admin panel under /admin/events/config, a  new setting has been included which allows organizers to create a predefined list for other locations, which can be used for both sessions and exhibitor events, akin to the functionality available for meetings (Other Location).

In the Sessions and Events creation or editing page, a  selector is integrated to pick options from the predefined list for Other locations. This selector will be accessible when ‘Other location’ for session/exhibitor events is enabled.

On the frontend, in the Exhibitor Event creation/editing interface, the system will check if the Organizer permits the use of ‘Other location.’ If allowed, the Exhibitor can choose from the predefined list of Other locations.

What are the benefits?

Ability for the organiser to add list of predefined location which can be selected while configuring Sessions and Exhibitor Events

2. Improvement in Other Location for Session/Ex Events

What is it?

Improvements made in the logic of selecting Other Location for Session and Ex. Events. Now the organsier has the option to select from the predefined list of Other location and simultaneously can add a custom value to the alternate address field.

Introduced a settings option in the Admin panel to allow a combination of selecting from a predefined list or typing a custom location/address for Session/Exhibitor event on session edit page.

Improvement in other location

The “Session location” section is categorized into two groups: “Floor plan locations,” “Predefined Custom locations,” and “Specify an alternative location.”

When the organizer chooses “Specify an alternative location,” two input fields appear: one for specifying the alternative location and another for the address (if enabled by the organizer in the settings).

What are the benefits?

Ability for the organiser to add list of predefined location which can be selected while configuring Sessions and Exhibitor Events

3. News Export

What is it?

In Admin Panel /admin/data, a new report has been included that downloads the News data. This report includes all the relevant information related to the news article

Note: Language of data in the generated file depends on language selected on Exports page.

News Export

What are the benefits?

The capability to export News Data in a structured format provides the benefit of effortless sharing, analysis, and archiving of news information for organizers.

4. Multi-Language: New Website builder

What is it?

Now we have an option of setting up the event in multi-language on New Website builder as well. It works the same way as it works on our legacy builder.Multi language website builder 1 By default, all blocks are synchronized across all language versions. Any addition, removal, or editing of a block reflects in all versions. However, the text content, including translations, fonts, and styles, can be customized independently for different versions. This allows users to use different words, styles, or hyperlinks for each version while keeping the blocks and their settings consistent.

Multi language website builder 2

What are the benefits?

Capability to configure events in multiple languages, offering flexibility and customization to cater to diverse audiences.

5. Web Builder Stage 3: Title and Sub-Title Block

What is it?

In the new website builder, the Title and Subtitle blocks were absent, which were available in the legacy web-builder. The team has now incorporated the Title and Subtitle block under the Element block in the new website builder as well.

 Organizers can create this block with or without a background image, which can be added from general settings. 

Title and subtitle

The Title and Subtitle block offers six different appearance options:

  1. With Title and Subtitle together
  2. Without Title
  3. Without Subtitle
  4. Without Title and Divider
  5. Without Subtitle and Divider
  6. Without Divider

What are the benefits?

Offers enhanced customization options for the websites, providing organizers with greater flexibility and creativity in designing their pages.

6. Ability of User to view and filter exhibitors based on whether they have exhausted their allocation of confirmed meetings

What is it?

This setting allows users to filter out details of users who have not reached the allowed limit of confirmed meetings set under User Category Settings. 

Ability of user filters 1

A new filter, Meeting Availability, has been added under Display Filter Settings for all users. When enabled, it will only list users who have not reached the allowed limit of confirmed meetings.

Both online and offline meeting confirmation limits is factored in.

Default State: Off

Team members inherit meeting limits set for their exhibitors

Ability of user filters 2

What are the benefits?

Simplified filtering to identify users who have not reached their confirmed meeting limit.

7. Meetings: Analytics New UI

What is it?

In Admin Panel under Analytics → General, a new tab added that records all the analytics around meetings.

This tab can be enabled and disabled from Module Management →  Backend →  Analytics →  Meetings

Meeting Analytics new UI

The meeting Analytics page includes details

  1. Filter for Date Range and Events
  2. Total meeting requests with additional breakdown indicating the number and percentage of accepted, pending, and canceled meetings.
  3. Count of Online Meetings and Offline Meetings(including table meeting)
  4. Avg request meeting time
  5. Avg time spent in Online Meetings per user
  6. Source: Capture the source page from where the meeting is scheduled/initiated.
  7. Meeting Initiator and details of Meetings which has been rated 
  8. Leaderboard, show the details of the user based on ‘Most Meeting Requests Sent‘ and ‘Most Meeting Requests Received’ 
  9. The system displays the total count of unique participants in the meeting
  10. In the case of auto-confirm meetings, pending meeting details are not visible or displayed for that event
  11. If a participant holds multiple roles and schedules a meeting, it categorizes all meetings under their highest role

What are the benefits?

The Admin Panel provides comprehensive data and analytics for the scheduled meetings at the event.

8. Prefilled meeting info

What is it?

To address the challenge of repeatedly filling in meeting details, we’ve introduced new settings that allow users to save default information for the meeting edit page. This information can then be utilized when booking future meetings, streamlining the process.

This feature is exclusively available on the New Flow for Regular meetings. While scheduling the initial meeting, users can simply click on the “default meeting info” button to save the details for the fields on the meeting request page.

Prefilled meeting info

Subsequently, for all future meetings, these fields will automatically appear prefilled for the user. The field in the default meeting info tab, includes Subject, Message, Duration, and Media file, and can be modified by the user at any time.

Additionally, users can configure the Default meeting info details from their Profile Info >> Settings >> New Tab Default meeting info. (**this tab is only visible when the new flow for regular meetings is enabled.)

What are the benefits?

Eliminates the need to repeatedly entering the same details while booking a meeting.

9. Adding a customer service button to “…” actions in the exhibitor/ visitor list

What is it?

We have implemented the Customer Service button on the Exhibitor and Participants page on Admin Panel. This setting will exist under 3 dots menu located on the far right-hand side of the screen.

It allows organizers to directly impersonate any user profile from the Exhibitor/Participant list page, eliminating the need to navigate to the user edit page on the admin panel first.

Customer service button

What are the benefits?

This feature enables organizers to seamlessly impersonate any user profile directly from the Exhibitor/Participant list page.

10. Changing website language based on the browser’s language

What is it?

For multi-language events, the website or registration page by default opens in the default language set for the event. 

To enhance users’ experience, we’ve implemented a functionality that automatically detects the browser language of the user and displays the website in that very language, provided the event content is available in that language.

Website language based on browser language

The user always has the option to manually switch to a different language using the frontend language selector.

What are the benefits?

Users no longer need to manually select their preferred language for viewing website content, saving users time and effort.

11. Add badge Bar Code and QR code variables to the campaign

What is it?

We’ve integrated Badge Bar Code and Badge QR code variables into the Campaign templates, simplifying the process for organizers to distribute badge codes (Bar/QR) to end users using the campaign module. 

These variables are now available under the Standard Variable section.

Bar code and QR code

What are the benefits?

Effortlessly send badge QR/Bar codes to users through the Campaign Module, enhancing convenience and efficiency in managing event badges.

12. Parent Exhibitor Name Column added to Meeting Report

What is it?

A new column Parent Exhibitor is added to the meeting export report under Admin Panel Data Import/Export Meeting Report.

The column contains name of parent exhibitor, whose child exhibitor or its Team Member has/had a meeting.

Parent name exhibitor column

If no parent exhibitor is related to the Initiator/Receiver side meeting, the respective cell is empty.

What are the benefits?

Provides enhanced insight of exhibiting company with which the is meetings scheduled 


Feb 2024 product update: Create highly-customised interactive web pages
Event Website
February 1, 2024

Web pages

In events, personalisation is the name of the game. Our latest product release introduces new features to unlock advanced customisation controls for your event web pages. Let’s take a look at them:

Custom Content Block

What is it?

We have incorporated the Custom Content Block into the New Website Builder to offer users a tool that enables the creation of highly customised and visually appealing web pages.

Admin Panel Settings

Navigate to Event Setup Build Website Edit Website Add Block Dev Custom HTML Add Block

This section empowers organisers to generate a customised block using HTML coding, offering complete control to craft visually engaging blocks according to their preferences.

Custom Content Block

What are the benefits?

It provides organisers with the option to create a fully customisable and visually appealing web block.

Text Editor

What is it?

We have incorporated the Text Editor block into the New Website Builder this feature offers organizers to craft text blocks with customizable content, giving them full control over the text displayed.

Admin Panel Settings

Navigate to Event Setup Build Website Edit Website Add Block Dev Text Editor Add Block

The General Settings section within the Custom Content block encompasses a comprehensive set of features to give users control over the visual and stylistic elements of their web pages.

Advance Settings: This enables organisers to access a comprehensive array of advanced customization options, allowing them to fine-tune every aspect of the block’s appearance and behaviour.

Text Editor

What are the benefits?

It provides organizers with the option to create a fully customizable and visually appealing text web block.

Improved/Partial Text Editor

What is it?

We have integrated the WYSIWYG Text Editor into our new website builder, providing organizers with a consistent and improved text editing experience.

 Now, organizers can customize any text, word, or letter based on their event needs. 

The editor includes various text editing options such as Bold, Italics, Underline, Strikethrough, hyperlinking, and more.

Note: ** Text editor is not available for the block like Cards with counters, All Cards Testimonials, Cards with icon, 2, 3, 4 Cards Row, Carousel blocks with slides (title and subtitle should be editable).

Partial Text Editor

What is it?

Provides convenience and an enhanced editing experience for text in any block added to the new website builder.

What else is NEW?

1. Ability to set up auto email reminders when a meeting minimal requirement has not been reached

What is it?

In the Admin Panel, there is now an option to set the minimum number of confirmed meetings. If this count is not met, the system will send a reminder to the user notifying them that they have not reached the allowed number of confirmed meetings.

Admin Panel Settings: Enable the toggle for “Meetings Minimal Requirements” under Participants and Exhibitor categories in the Networking column. This setting empowers the organizer to define the minimum number of required confirmed meetings.

Auto email reminder

Default State: OFF

Additionally, this setting allows the organizer to send reminder emails to users who have not reached the minimum number of required confirmed meetings.

Settings: Under /admin/appointments/reminders, the organizer can configure automatic reminder emails for users who haven’t reached the minimum number of required confirmed meetings.

Email reminders 2

What are the benefits?

Enhanced control for organizers to determine the number of confirmed meetings for their users.

2. Meeting auto confirm should work with Category settings of meetings

What is it?

Improved the logic of Auto confirm meetings, initially it was by passing the meeting limit set under user category settings.. Now when the auto confirm meeting toggle is Enabled from Meetings Settings

Meeting confirmation

  • When no limit is set for user category, then user can have any number of confirmed meetings
  • When limit is set, number of confirmed meetings can only be as per the defined limit
  • If the set limit is reached and a user attempts to book a meeting or is added as a participant in a meeting, the system will display an error message: “Some users you are requesting a meeting with exceeded the online confirmation limit.” Additionally, the meeting request button (“Next step” button) is disabled.
  • Confirmation limits are counted for the meeting receiver.
  • When rescheduling a pending meeting, category limits is not enforced.
  • When rescheduling a confirmed meeting, category limits is not enforced.

Applies for all types of meeting (Onsite/Online/Table Meetings)

Meeting confirmation

What are the benefits?

Empowers organisers to define limitations on the auto-confirmed meeting flow.

3. Enhancing User Card Information with Company Name & Job Title (Web and App)

What is it?

The user card throughout the website and app will now feature both the Company Name and Job Title of the user. These details will be visible on all user cards across the platform, irrespective of the user’s role or level.

Both the Company Name and Job Title are responsive. If a user does not provide these details, blank spaces for these fields will be displayed.

Enhanced user card

What are the benefits?

Users can promptly recognise professional affiliations and positions of other users improving networking opportunities and clarity in professional interactions.

4. Standard Report

What is it?

In the Admin Panel, under Data → Export,  a new report has been introduced called as “Standard Report.” 

This is a standardised post-show report that creates an analysis of what happened at the show.

This is a HTML report

Standard report

What are the benefits?

This report gives a brief overview of what happened on the show

5. Add Print Badge Variable on the Confirmation Page: Visitor

What is it?

In Admin Panel, under Visitor Registration Visitor Confirmation page we have added new variable Print Badge Link, that would allow the users to print their badges directly from the confirmation page.

Print Badge” link opens a new tab in the browser allowing the user to print their badges directly from the confirmation page

What are the benefits?

  • Easy of accessing the user badge directly from the registration confirmation page

6. Expo Assistant: Admin Panel Chat Bot

What is it?

We’ve incorporated the “Expo Assistant” chatbot into the Admin Panel, which enabled the organiser to ask questions related to the platform setup and the chatbot will respond based on the information included in our help article

You can enable the “Expo Assistant” chatbot from Admin Panel   Global  Module Management Backend Expo Assistant chatbot. This toggle controls the chatbot’s availability for all the events in that environment.

Assistant Expo

It is featured on all pages within the Admin Panel for easy access and quick engagement. The Chatbot interface will exclusively support the English language for both questions and answers.

Organisers can review past interactions by scrolling up in the chat history and can also rate chat responses positively or negatively (like/dislike)

Default State = ON

What are the benefits?

Simplified access for organizers to obtain platform-related information through the chatbot.

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