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Feb 2024 product update: Create highly-customised interactive web pages
Event Website
February 1, 2024

Web pages

In events, personalisation is the name of the game. Our latest product release introduces new features to unlock advanced customisation controls for your event web pages. Let’s take a look at them:

Custom Content Block

What is it?

We have incorporated the Custom Content Block into the New Website Builder to offer users a tool that enables the creation of highly customised and visually appealing web pages.

Admin Panel Settings

Navigate to Event Setup Build Website Edit Website Add Block Dev Custom HTML Add Block

This section empowers organisers to generate a customised block using HTML coding, offering complete control to craft visually engaging blocks according to their preferences.

Custom Content Block

What are the benefits?

It provides organisers with the option to create a fully customisable and visually appealing web block.

Text Editor

What is it?

We have incorporated the Text Editor block into the New Website Builder this feature offers organizers to craft text blocks with customizable content, giving them full control over the text displayed.

Admin Panel Settings

Navigate to Event Setup Build Website Edit Website Add Block Dev Text Editor Add Block

The General Settings section within the Custom Content block encompasses a comprehensive set of features to give users control over the visual and stylistic elements of their web pages.

Advance Settings: This enables organisers to access a comprehensive array of advanced customization options, allowing them to fine-tune every aspect of the block’s appearance and behaviour.

Text Editor

What are the benefits?

It provides organizers with the option to create a fully customizable and visually appealing text web block.

Improved/Partial Text Editor

What is it?

We have integrated the WYSIWYG Text Editor into our new website builder, providing organizers with a consistent and improved text editing experience.

 Now, organizers can customize any text, word, or letter based on their event needs. 

The editor includes various text editing options such as Bold, Italics, Underline, Strikethrough, hyperlinking, and more.

Note: ** Text editor is not available for the block like Cards with counters, All Cards Testimonials, Cards with icon, 2, 3, 4 Cards Row, Carousel blocks with slides (title and subtitle should be editable).

Partial Text Editor

What is it?

Provides convenience and an enhanced editing experience for text in any block added to the new website builder.

What else is NEW?

1. Ability to set up auto email reminders when a meeting minimal requirement has not been reached

What is it?

In the Admin Panel, there is now an option to set the minimum number of confirmed meetings. If this count is not met, the system will send a reminder to the user notifying them that they have not reached the allowed number of confirmed meetings.

Admin Panel Settings: Enable the toggle for “Meetings Minimal Requirements” under Participants and Exhibitor categories in the Networking column. This setting empowers the organizer to define the minimum number of required confirmed meetings.

Auto email reminder

Default State: OFF

Additionally, this setting allows the organizer to send reminder emails to users who have not reached the minimum number of required confirmed meetings.

Settings: Under /admin/appointments/reminders, the organizer can configure automatic reminder emails for users who haven’t reached the minimum number of required confirmed meetings.

Email reminders 2

What are the benefits?

Enhanced control for organizers to determine the number of confirmed meetings for their users.

2. Meeting auto confirm should work with Category settings of meetings

What is it?

Improved the logic of Auto confirm meetings, initially it was by passing the meeting limit set under user category settings.. Now when the auto confirm meeting toggle is Enabled from Meetings Settings

Meeting confirmation

  • When no limit is set for user category, then user can have any number of confirmed meetings
  • When limit is set, number of confirmed meetings can only be as per the defined limit
  • If the set limit is reached and a user attempts to book a meeting or is added as a participant in a meeting, the system will display an error message: “Some users you are requesting a meeting with exceeded the online confirmation limit.” Additionally, the meeting request button (“Next step” button) is disabled.
  • Confirmation limits are counted for the meeting receiver.
  • When rescheduling a pending meeting, category limits is not enforced.
  • When rescheduling a confirmed meeting, category limits is not enforced.

Applies for all types of meeting (Onsite/Online/Table Meetings)

Meeting confirmation

What are the benefits?

Empowers organisers to define limitations on the auto-confirmed meeting flow.

3. Enhancing User Card Information with Company Name & Job Title (Web and App)

What is it?

The user card throughout the website and app will now feature both the Company Name and Job Title of the user. These details will be visible on all user cards across the platform, irrespective of the user’s role or level.

Both the Company Name and Job Title are responsive. If a user does not provide these details, blank spaces for these fields will be displayed.

Enhanced user card

What are the benefits?

Users can promptly recognise professional affiliations and positions of other users improving networking opportunities and clarity in professional interactions.

4. Standard Report

What is it?

In the Admin Panel, under Data → Export,  a new report has been introduced called as “Standard Report.” 

This is a standardised post-show report that creates an analysis of what happened at the show.

This is a HTML report

Standard report

What are the benefits?

This report gives a brief overview of what happened on the show

5. Add Print Badge Variable on the Confirmation Page: Visitor

What is it?

In Admin Panel, under Visitor Registration Visitor Confirmation page we have added new variable Print Badge Link, that would allow the users to print their badges directly from the confirmation page.

Print Badge” link opens a new tab in the browser allowing the user to print their badges directly from the confirmation page

What are the benefits?

  • Easy of accessing the user badge directly from the registration confirmation page

6. Expo Assistant: Admin Panel Chat Bot

What is it?

We’ve incorporated the “Expo Assistant” chatbot into the Admin Panel, which enabled the organiser to ask questions related to the platform setup and the chatbot will respond based on the information included in our help article

You can enable the “Expo Assistant” chatbot from Admin Panel   Global  Module Management Backend Expo Assistant chatbot. This toggle controls the chatbot’s availability for all the events in that environment.

Assistant Expo

It is featured on all pages within the Admin Panel for easy access and quick engagement. The Chatbot interface will exclusively support the English language for both questions and answers.

Organisers can review past interactions by scrolling up in the chat history and can also rate chat responses positively or negatively (like/dislike)

Default State = ON

What are the benefits?

Simplified access for organizers to obtain platform-related information through the chatbot.

Jan 2024 product update: Event email campaigns made easy
Email Marketing
January 1, 2024

Event email updates


Hope you are settling well into the new year.

We’ve introduced a series of changes to our email campaign builder, with better customisation options to make it more user-friendly.

These tweaks will make your campaign creation more polished and streamlined than before!

Here’s an overview of the key updates:

Implemented notification/error message for cases where the organiser attempts to leave the template page without saving changes, especially when attempting to save an empty template.

Warn and error message

Introduced the option for organisers to duplicate previously created campaigns.

Clone like a pro

The Date and Time fields for sending emails are left empty, allowing the organiser to select the appropriate date and time for the campaign.

Schedule flexibility

Aligned and segmented campaign email template variables.

Cleaner templates

Implemented a notification upon successful saving of the email template.

Save notification

Moved Campaign Stats to the campaign list page, eliminating the need to navigate to the campaign edit page.

Stats at a glance

Added a warning message for organisers attempting to create a campaign without an associated email template.

Template reminder

Change in flow of copying an email template

Copy flow revamp

What else is NEW?

Exhibitor Events: Multi-language

What is it?

Introduced Multi Language functionality in Exhibitor Events to cater diversified linguistic preferences of an international audience.

All the option and buttons on Exhibitor Event page can now be translated in multi-language based on the languages in which the event is available to the users.

Exhibitor Admin can draft the content of the exhibitor event in the languages supported by the platform for that very event.

Multilanguage Exhibitor Events

System-generated email notifications, including confirmations, updates, and reminders, is sent to users in their selected language.

What are the benefits?

Introducing multilanguage support in Exhibitor Events aims to establish a user-centric platform that accommodates the diverse linguistic preferences of an international audience

Search and Filter capability on Sponsor Page

What is it?

Similar to the exhibitor page we have added the same filter options and search capability on the Sponsor page on the admin panel.

Search and filter

What are the benefits?

Simplifies the process of searching and filtering sponsor details on the Admin Panel.

Default state of ‘Show Recommendations’ as Open on Session Overview

What is it?

To enhance the end-user experience on the Session page, all recommended sessions will now be visible by default. 

Users won’t need to click on “Show Recommendations” to view the recommended sessions.

Show recommendations

If Organiser do not want to show the recommended sessions by default, they can enable Hide Session check box under Session → Session Config tab.

Default State: Show Recommended Session

What are the benefits?

Improve the user experience by minimizing the number of clicks required to access recommended sessions.

Interaction button on Sponsor card

What is it?

We have reinstated the interaction button on the sponsor card as system was missing on recording meet, message, favourite, and click actions for sponsored exhibitors/products in Sponsor Statistics.

Interaction button on Sponsor card

The interaction button on the sponsored exhibitor/product becomes visible when the user hovers the cursor over the sponsored exhibitor.

What are the benefits?

Overcame the challenge of missing on stats for sponsored Exhibitors/Products

Nov-Dec 2023 product update: New platform builder blocks for event website
Event Website
November 30, 2023


Product Update Nov-Dec

Tired of banal website designs that fail to impress and engage? 

We are excited to introduce platform builder blocks in our new event website builder – tools to help you fine-tune content and visuals in an incredibly detailed manner.

These six key blocks – based around exhibitors, speakers, sponsors, news, products and brands – combine the best form and functionality to create impactful websites that convert.  

You won’t need any coding experience to operate these blocks. Each customisation is simplified for usability so you can enjoy building a visually stunning website you and your audience will love.

Features of the new builder blocks

1) Exhibitors Block

Exhibitors Block

  • Five variations to suit different website aesthetics and preferences.
  • Configuration options include adjusting the number of cards per row and sorting preferences for a more balanced display.
  • Users can specify exhibitor and product categories for a more targeted and engaging display.
  • Organisers can search for specific exhibitors and include them to be shown in the exhibitor block.
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface to ensure an effortless and enjoyable experience, even for non-technical users.

2) Speakers Block

Speakers Block

  • Three variations with flexible layouts and display styles to present speakers in an engaging way.
  • Dynamic or fixed presentations with slider or static block based on design preferences.
  • Precise aesthetics control by defining the number of cards per row and setting speaker limit.
  • Choose specific speaker tags to enable thematic groupings based on areas of expertise or topics.
  • Streamline the addition of specific speakers to curate speaker showcases.
  • Customisation and formatting preferences to provide an intuitive interface.

3) Sponsors Block

Sponsors block

  • Showcase sponsor logos and branding elements.
  • Slider vs static block for dynamic or fixed display.
  • Set sponsor cards and limits to balance content density and visual appeal.
  • Targeted showcasing by selecting specific sponsor categories.
  • Custom styling and responsive design to seamlessly integrate sponsors’ block to the website.

4) News Block

News block

  • Three distinct variations with customisable to suit diverse preferences and visual content formats.
  • Slider or static block for dynamic slides or a fixed layout.
  • Set the number of cards per row and the maximum number of news articles to be displayed for an aesthetically pleasing user-friendly layout.
  • Prioritise the latest updates for users through the default setting of “News first always”.
  • Include and showcase specific news based on different news tags and product categories.
  • Customise block variations with different templates and enhance functionality using hooks and filters.

5) Products Block

Products block

  • Dynamic and flexible showcase solution to display products.
  • Five variations with unique display options to fit different product needs.
  • Adaptive display options – choose between a slider or a static block to allow dynamic showcasing or a fixed layout.
  • Card configuration control to determine optimal layout of products.
  • Flexible sorting options to present product lists in structured or dynamic ways.

6) Brands Block

Brands block

  • Transform brand showcasing through a myriad of designs and engagement elements.
  • Modern look with carousel slider vs traditional display with static block.
  • Fine tune presentation by selecting brand cards per row and maximum no of cards.
  • Improve the visual narrative of brands by using different sorting options.
  • Host of customisation options available to elevate user engagement.

 What else is NEW?

Mobile App: Analytics Page

What is it?

We have revamped the App Analytics page on Admin Panel under Analytics. Now Organisers have stats available on

  1. Mobile App login,
  2. Mobile  Page View
  3. Total Fav Profile
  4. Total Meetings Scheduled
  5. Total Confirmed Meeting
  6. Total Badge Scan

App Analytics page

Organisers can filter out data based on

  • User type: Exhibitor and Participant categories and roles
  • App Device: Android or iOS (by default set as both)
  • Favourited object: Including Exhibitors, Products, Brands, Participants, and Speakers

Display: Presenting data on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

What are the benefits?

  • App stats available to the organizers on admin panel for detailed analysis
  • Stats available about the engagement with the mobile page

Meeting Rating Settings

What is it?

The organizer can send the consolidated meeting rating emails to the participants of the meeting daily or when the entire event is concluded They also have the flexibility to select the user category to which these emails should be sent.

It also provides options for alternative communication channels such as WhatsApp and SMS and allows handling the user’s landing experience based on Universal deep links.

Meeting Rating 1

Admin Panel Settings: Networking & Matchmaking → Meetings → Meeting Rating.

For daily report it included confirmed meetings of the day + the previous date, in a single email.

The email templates for each can be drafted separately from Networking & Matchmaking → Meetings → Email Templates

Meeting rating 2

What are the benefits?

  • Ability to send consolidate email torate the meeting
  • Avoid spamming users from receiving multiple emails

Multi-language for Exhibitor Manual

What is it?

Exhibitor Manual is now available to be created in multiple languages like other modules on Admin Panel.

Organiser can create all sections of Exhibitor manual in multi languages as per their event requirement

After enabling multiple Languages from General Info, Navigate to Exhibitor Manual → Select the language from the dropdown list and start creating the sections in the selected languages


Special Cases for Variable Translations:

  • For the “Exhibitor category” variable, the translation will be taken “admin/categorisation/general.”
  • For the “{exhibitor_name}” variable, translations will be taken from the exhibitor profile where an admin can create translations for the exhibitor name.

Team Members section

  • Translation of team members’ names should be handled on the team member’s section in “admin/visitors?a=a.”

Rest all sections can be translate like any other module on Admin Panel

What are the benefits?

  • Enhanced event customisation is achieved through the availability of a multi-language option.

My Download Schedule includes personal blocked time

What is it?

Download Schedule file on frontend now includes the details of personal blocked time for that user.

In case of Team schedule, it will download the details of personal blocked time for all the team member.

Personal blocked time

What are the benefits?

Ease of accessing the information of the blocked timing for the user

UTM link on Registration Confirmation Page

What is it?

Google Analytics script can be used to track the registration source for the event. This UTM code is a part of Registration URL to collect and track user’s registration via Google Analytics.

This UTM are now available on the Registration Confirmation Page for useful tracking data in Google Analytics

UTM code

What are the benefits?

Ability to track traffic on Registration Confirmation Page as well

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