Gated Marketing Content
Marketing Content
May 20, 2022

This new feature provides exhibitors with a new source of leads by requiring non-logged in users to complete a form before previewing or downloading their marketing content.

When a non-logged in user is viewing the company’s public profile and clicks on the Preview Content or Download Content button, they will be prompted to complete a form and that interaction is then shared as a lead with exhibitor.

The organiser has control over whether to allow gated content for their event, as well as control over whether both previewing and downloading content result in a lead for the exhibitor or just downloading.

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What are the benefits?

  • New source of leads for the exhibitor
  • Potential new database contacts for the organizer
  • Greater ROI for exhibitors
  • Increased exhibitor satisfaction for exhibitors

Summary of features

  • Organizer option to allow gated content on public profiles
  • Organizer option to enable contact sharing for previewing marketing content, downloading marketing content or both