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Omnichannel Lead Intelligence: A How To Guide

Three words that can help your exhibitors bring in three times more leads: Omnichannel Lead Intelligence.

This approach collects all attendee interactions – whether online or in-person – into one single dashboard to provide them with a higher volume of prospects – rather than an exhibitor’s view of their return on investment (ROI) being limited to people they scan at the event.

It is an essential component to Smart Events – allowing participants to swap contact details, scan QR codes and process sales leads generated at a trade show or conference.

All customer touchpoints across web and mobile app should be combined for exhibitors into a single, real-time dashboard to demonstrate the full ROI of the event. 

In this guide we show you how Omnichannel Lead Intelligence does just that.

Who can use lead scanning?

All exhibitors and visitors can use their event app to scan badges. But an administrator can decide who they allow to use this capability.

This can be limited to sellers only or even specific categories of suppliers – premium exhibitors for instance may be the only participants who can use the app for lead retrieval.

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An organiser can decide when configure the app whether you want badge scanning to be available to all or a select few.

What data gets tracked?

A seamless omnichannel approach tracks all interactions a visitor has with an exhibitor through the platform.

That includes when a user badge is scanned on a stand, when they visit an online profile, favourite a profile, view products, favourite products and more.

This information is all shared in the exhibitor’s single dashboard in real-time so they can then act on these leads quickly. 

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Online interactions

The amount of information available to event organisers has exploded since the digital transformation of our industry.

ExpoPlatform estimates around 20 times more data is now generated compared with before the first 2020 lockdown.

It has created a wealth of opportunities for exhibitors to boost ROI through lead retrieval. Here is a rundown of what can be tracked online:

  • When a visitor views a company profile or product 
  • Advertising interactions
  • Whitepaper downloads and webinar views
  • Request for proposal tender submissions

All of these interactions will be available to view on the exhibitor dashboard.

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Badge scanning at in-person events

Badge scanning is one of the core functionalities of an event app. The tool can be used for multiple purposes, including access to the venue and for exhibitors to capture leads.

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An icon in the tech opens the camera to read QR codes which are prominently displayed on the visitor’s app. Once the barcode is scanned, an exhibitor can then add extra information to the lead, if required. This includes:

  • What type of lead – potential partner, potential client, supplier and more
  • Ratings
  • Which products they are interested in
  • Client – Yes or No
  • Contacted – Yes or No

An exhibitor will have a specific section in the app where they can see a record of all those they have scanned, whereas a a visitor who is scanning would just have a profile added to their list of contacts.

Does lead retrieval work offline?

Apps can still scan badges even when offline. This is critical for any digital tools being used in exhibition centres with intermittent Wifi.

The QR code itself holds information: first name, last name, job title and ID number, so this can still get passed to the scanner’s app without an connection.

This is stored locally on the user’s app until they gets a connection, at which point it will sync with more information.

How to export leads

All GDPR-compliant leads can be easily downloaded so that exhibitors can follow-up after the event using the mobile app or from the desktop version.

Exporting leads with the app

Users can export their leads in the mobile app which then triggers an email to them with everything attached.

Email templates can be customised to fit your brand and messaging.

This downloads the following information:

The file includes core user profile information – including email address and phone number and the timestamp.

Other information included:

  • Scanner’s rating
  • Notes taken at the time of the scan 
  • Products they are interested in
  • If it’s a new or existing lead

Exporting leads with the exhibitor dashboard 

Exhibitors can also download leads from their dashboard web app. This file is then made available on the user’s laptop.

This lead file combines scans from all team members scans so it also has an additional field – lead owner – which makes it easy for the exhibitor to allocate them to individuals.

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What are the costs?

ExpoPlatform offers lead retrieval and registration as complementary services. 

Any organisers using our mobile app and platform for online or in-person events receive lead retrieval as standard – for no additional cost.

It is up to the organiser if they want to charge their exhibitors for using the service. For example, it is possible to disable lead retrieval for a category of exhibitors if you want to monetise the service.

Request a demo to find out more about ExpoPlatform’s Omnichannel Lead Intelligence.