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Top tips for a seamless event arrival

A smooth arrival process is the cornerstone of successful live events like tradeshows.

It sets the tone for an ideal attendee experience and is the first and often lasting impression on visitors.

Visitors want a quick, efficient check-in, and long queues can be quite annoying for their event plans

Setting up a seamless arrival process also allows organizers to commit more energy and attention toward vital engagements that matter most for business conversions.

Such a process requires a smart combo of event tech and human touchpoints to get the maximum number of people through the doors.

Here are some tips organizers should keep in mind to plan smooth event arrival:

#1 Pre-Register attendees ✍

Encourage attendees to pre-register online through the event website. This will enable them to check in quickly and avoid long lines. Visitors can also set their preferences so organizers can create a journey more tailored to their interests.

#2 Use online registration tools 🛠

Online registration tools help create a customized registration journey with functionalities for sending automated emails, password set-up, badge design and more.

#3 Set up QR Codes and self-service kiosks 🎛

QR codes help streamline the registration process. Attendees can scan these codes with their mobiles to check in digitally, eliminating the need for paper tickets or manual processes. Using self-service kiosks allows for contactless check-in and minimizes waiting times.

#4 Create a dedicated Mobile Event App 📱

A mobile event app provides attendees with real-time updates and information about the event such as session info, parking information and directions. Attendees can plan their arrival and get last-minute updates through push notifications to avoid any confusion.

 #5 Set up digital signage sign 🔕

Use digital signages to direct attendees to the check-in area, event venue and parking lot. These signages can also display real-time event information, including speaker schedules, booth locations and upcoming sessions.

 #6 Use RFID Technology 📶

RFID technology enables attendees to check in with a simple tap of their RFID-enabled badge. This reduces the waiting time and improves the event arrival experience. 

 #7 Interactive floorplans 🗺

A digital floorplan of the event venue with clearly marked exhibitor booths, speaking halls and breakout rooms helps visitors navigate the area efficiently and saves time.

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