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AI to hyper-personalise 2024 event engagement – IBTM report

The hyper-personalisation of event engagement has been highlighted as a key focus for 2024 in a new report.

Predictions from the IBTM study suggest technology and attendees will start to interact to create a more personalised user experience. You can read more of this main story below.

Other pieces in this week’s event roundup include:

  • UFI launches dedicated advocacy portal
  • Business events’ volume rose in 2023: report
  • AOE hires executive to support member development and data

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AI driving ‘hyper-personalisation’ in event engagement: IBTM

AI-fuelled hyper-personalisation of events will be a key engagement focus for the new year, according to an IBTM study.

The company’s World Trends Report 2024 predicts technology will target “Generation Me” by using information shared by attendees to curate offerings for each individual.

Some “at best” examples cited for the future include facial recognition for event entry as well as instantly sharing focused content using human-based algorithms.

Alistair Turner, author of the report, said: “It is no understatement to say that 2024 will be one of the most important years of the 21st century.

“The economic, political and ecological outlook of our planet is on a knife edge and the advent of AI can swing it in a number of ways.

“Our industry has a crucial say in these outcomes and this year’s report looks to understand what this role should be, and how we can act to create positive environments around the biggest conversations of our time.”

It was suggested that AI could elevate event festivalisation by allowing audiences to select their own content, while Chatbots could also create new material based on their input.

This hyper-personalisation works by making delegates more included – the more they talk to the technology, the more needs will be addressed.

UFI launches advocacy portal to strengthen industry participation

UFI has launched a dedicated advocacy portal on its website to boost exhibition industry initiatives.

The new tool includes resources for information, materials and profiles to further schemes which address key issues.

Geoff Dickinson, UFI president, said: “UFI is doing a lot of work on and around our industry’s advocacy issues.

“The new advocacy portal now makes that work both more visible and accessible.

“It serves primarily as a knowledge hub in our fast-paced environment.

“And it is also a catalyst for informed action, equipping our members and industry with tools, insights and community to navigate our future together.”

The portal has three main sections:

  • Initiatives: This section offers resources for industry initiatives like Global Exhibitions Day and Net Zero Carbon Events. It includes toolkits and manifestos to engage with local governments and stakeholders.
  • Issues: This section provides industry-specific information on current topics such as sustainability, talent and legislation affecting exhibitions. It features white papers, best practices and responses from UFI and the industry to stay informed about relevant issues.
  • Institutions: This highlights organisations partnering with UFI to align industry efforts and amplify voices for exhibitions. This includes global institutions and collaborative programs influencing the industry.

Rise in business events volume in 2023: report

The volume of business events rose significantly in 2023 as compared to 2022, according to a new report.

Findings from the Global Destination Survey by the Business of Events reveals this increase was reported across national, regional and international events – the latter recording the largest increase.

week in events dec 4
Source: The Business of Events

Business volume went down during 2022 – especially in international markets – with the decline attributed to Covid-19 disruptions and restrictions.

Other key findings from the report include:

  • A majority (77%) of survey participants felt their business model worked well, while 61% (mainly in Europe) felt they lacked human resources.
  • Almost half 46% of those surveyed reported increased budgets, citing government recognition and support. Meanwhile, 54% with stagnant or reduced funding attributed it to a perceived lack of governmental understanding.
  • Half of those polled felt they were not fully appreciated by the government and another significant percentage lacked resources to track and grow business event legacy.
  • Common industry challenges and threats were climate, sustainability, political, geographical and economic factors.

business events volume

Source: The Business of Events

Claudia Hall, event director at IBTM, said: “The business events industry is a critical driver for global economies.

“Despite this, there is ground to make-up when it comes to the need for advocacy and a greater understanding from government of the value and intrinsic benefits of business events.

“There’s a significant need for better funding and for a change in business models so that destinations have the capacity to deliver the benefits business events can bring when it comes to leaving a positive legacy in the economy and local communities.

“In order to drive this forward, it is essential that destinations collaborate to share, discuss and debate insights and initiatives so that together, we can raise the profile of business events and the significant economic and social impact and change they can drive.”

AEO strengthens membership development and data with new appointment

The Association of Event Organisers has stepped up its membership development and data operations with the hiring of a new executive. 

Danielle Beru will now work to handle tasks such as new membership applications, sponsorship and partnership agreements processing as well as data analysis and member engagement.

Her new role will involve analysing post-event data and target audiences to improve future campaigns and engage the association’s members and stakeholders.

Sarah Scott, director of events and operations, said: “We are delighted to welcome Dani to the team – accurate member data is key to the successful targeting and delivery of AEO events, working groups, research,  member-driven campaigns and communications.

“Experienced in analytics, Dani will also monitor and help drive member engagement across AEO’s events, products, and services, ensuring they give value and support members’ requirements.”

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