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Vaccine mandate falling for in-person events

The number of in-person events enforcing vaccine mandates will fall further this year, a new survey has revealed. 

Research from the Spring 2022 Encore Planner Pulse shows only 32% of in-person and hybrid events planned for H2 2022 will require participants to show proof of Covid-19 doses.

Around 29% recommend a vaccine, 31% plan no action and just 8% will ask for vaccination status.

It’s a sharp drop from the survey done three months ago when 48% of 2022 events required vaccination proof. 

The findings come amid increasing optimism for in-person shows. Of the total surveyed, 77% had a positive outlook toward attending a face-to-face event while only 20% were still skeptical. 

In-person also remains the preferred event format among attendees.

What’s behind the figures?

The significant decline in Covid-19 fatality rates and easing of restrictions has made people more confident about in-person meetups. 

There has also been a decrease in demand for health and safety requirements like vaccine mandates and physical distancing norms.  

For in-person and hybrid events, the priority has shifted to the need for more integrated technology, planning time and increased costs. 

According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, 72.5% of the population in EU/EEA countries have completed the primary vaccine course. Meanwhile, 52.9% have had an additional dose. T

he list of EU countries that have completely dropped Covid-19 travel restrictions for non-EU travellers can be found here.

What does it mean for organisers?

The return of live shows has created a pressing need for organisers to remind their audience how valuable in-person experiences are.

But the rules of engagement have changed. The rise of digital technology has changed how attendees consume content, network with others and buy products and services.

These changed expectations mean the traditional B2B event models must be replaced.  

The new ones should be based around a year-round community model, use tech like AI matchmaking and interactive floorplans to boost engagement and provide offline and online monetisation opportunities. In short, create an integrated Smart Event experience.

Here are a few resources to help you get started:

The Community Blueprint: Download this ebook to build an omnichannel events mode, keep your audience connected and drive year-round revenue.

The AI Blueprint: Learn how data science will shape the future of events and how you can leverage it to create successful shows.   

Make more money with Smart Events: Read this practical guide to become rich with smart shows. Included are top tips and insights from our showcase series.

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