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Chart of the week: More organisers return to live events despite Omicron

Organizers are returning to live shows at a quicker pace than before, a new survey reveals.

Findings from etc.venues show that 28% of organizers have planned live only events for 2022.  This is higher than 20% who said in July 2021 they plan to host only live shows this year.

The study also found that 70% of organisers are eager to meet their colleagues face-to-face more often this year.

Moreover, 46% said they value the more interactive and engaging nature of in-person meetings and another 42% considered them an effective way to build relationships.

What’s behind the figures?

The stats reflect an improving outlook among organisers towards in-person events despite the Omicron threat.

In fact, reports suggest the UK might have passed the peak of the new variant.

The seven-day average of Omicron cases in the UK has been declining since a week and dropped below the 14-day average on January 11 for the first time since November.

This has renewed optimism among organisers to host and participate in face-to-face meetups again.

What does it mean for organisers? 

The latest data suggests Omicron is following a similar pattern as in South Africa – a surge in cases followed by a rapid decrease.

This means organisers should continue to plan for in-person meetings and events in 2022.

Venues will have a key role in ensuring Covid health safety protocols are being followed. 

Digital will continue to be a crucial factor in helping organisers insure their events and increase monetisation opportunities. 

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Organisers might also need to plan hybrid events that blend both physical and virtual formats.

This is especially required if a section of your target audience is not comfortable travelling to venues for health or other purposes.

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