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New phase for event data standards

Believe it or not, we’re entering a new phase for data standards. That’s the declaration from VSef as it launched its latest industry framework for organisers. We take a closer look at what this updated initiative means for eventprofs.

Meanwhile, Arc Network has made a major acquisition to expand and diversify its portfolio. There’s also news from ExpoPlatform as we launch our Smart Event showcase series – showing you how to make more money through our in-person tech.

All this and more in your Week in Events.

New phase for event data standards

The next phase of a global data format has been unveiled with the aim of “giving organisers the freedom to use the best event technologies available”.

VSef has worked with many world-leading organisers and platforms to further develop frameworks to meet the rapidly evolving demands of our industry.

This new format include a range of essential features as well as a set of API standards, enabling planners to easily pull their data from multiple platforms into their own systems.

Mark Brewster, founder, said: “We are delighted to have had so much support from our founding partners, which has helped us to refine and evolve VSef 2.0 to better meet the needs of event organisers.

“When we launched VSef our aim was to eliminate the data silos which pose significant barriers to event organisers having the best possible insight into their customers and audiences.

“In any sector, the creation of a universal data format benefits both the businesses operating within the sector and the wider industry itself. Our goal is to create positive impact across any organisation delivering digital events by giving organisers the freedom to use the best event technologies available, without being limited by the siloed nature of the data they offer.

“In corporate event teams, trade associations and expo organisers, this enables senior event professionals and CMOs access to wider intelligence and transparency across their event portfolios.”

The VSef 2.0 updated standards include:

  • Enhanced language capabilities, allowing data gathered by platforms to be managed in different languages, ideal for event organisers running international event businesses.
  • A refinement of data from exhibitor and sponsor directories, with better management of exhibitors’ products.
  • Enhanced management of customised data fields, allowing event organisers to gather all the event data within single data download.

Working groups that helped to develop VSef 2.0 include data professionals and senior strategists from Informa Markets, RX, Clarion Events, IMEX, Messe Frankfurt, ExpoPlatform and many others.

VSef was launched in early 2021 to create a unified data standard which can be used by any event organiser. It aims to simplify the process of moving consistent data between platforms, sales and marketing systems and business intelligence tools.

Making money with Smart Events

Smart Events are to be the preferred format for leading event organisers moving forward, figures show.

Previous research from ExpoPlatform reveals this model will make up 40% of in-person shows this year. But many are still wondering how this digitally enhanced format can better the traditional approach.

That’s why ExpoPlatform has launched its showcase series to set out how our event tech can benefit industry professionals. The first session will focus on how you can use data along with digital tools to make your organisation more money.

Join ExpoPlatform CGO Luke Bilton for this free demo as he shows how our solutions can help eventprofs make more money in our industry.

This development comes after we’ve seen a huge rise in event data since 2020. Now we need to use the lessons we’ve learned from digital offerings to improve our in-person shows.

This free session is the first in our Smart Events Showcase Series, showing you how ExpoPlatform can help you to do it.

Optimism for US events travel

More than 80% of US business travellers expect to take at least one trip to attend events in the next six months, according to a new survey.

The Quarterly Business Travel Tracker poll shows 84% believe they will got to a minimum of one conference, convention or tradeshow within that timeframe.

Findings also reveal the top reason for uncertainty was that meetings and events are not occurring, with corporate policies restricting business travel was the second-highest reason for uncertainty.

US Travel Association president Roger Dow said: “The return of in-person meetings and events—and business travel in general—is a welcome sight after more than two years of pandemic-related uncertainty.

“There is simply no substitute for a face-to-face meeting, which is proven to lead to more fruitful business opportunities and can help power an economic and jobs recovery in communities across America.” 

Respondents also expect to resume travelling at a slightly slower pace compared to pre-pandemic levels, averaging about 1.6 trips per month – down from 1.7.

US Travel forecasts business travel spending was still down 60% from pre-pandemic levels in 2021, however the Quarterly Business Travel Tracker’s latest data shows a clear shift in desire to return to in-person meetings.

Mobile event app checklist released

A mobile app is an essential part of your Smart Event ecosystem that enriches the digital and physical aspects of live shows.

That’s why ExpoPlatform has released its Mobile Event App checklist setting out all the must-have features to can create the best experience for your audience at live shows.

Download it now to learn what tools you should include to take your in-person events to the next level. This development comes as people have become more comfortable with digitisation.

They expect immersive, personalised event experiences using modern software and tools as well as virtual access options if their plans change unexpectedly.

This format is known as a Smart Event– an in-person show which includes extensive use of digital technology to increase value of the experience for all participants.

For organisers, the easiest way to add a digital layer to in-person events is through a mobile event app. Using apps to boost event engagement and participation has been common, but their popularity has surged more in the post-Covid era as they play an important role in:

  • Building year-round community experiences
  • Contributing towards sustainable events by minimising the use of paper
  • Delivering real-time updates and content
  • Providing on-the-go access to remote and mobile audience

Incisive acquisition by Arc Network

Arc Network has acquired a leading business and financial portfolios as part of a bid to diversify the company across the UK market.

The global events platform announced its move to take over the Incisive Media departments in addition to its leading brands such as Investment Week, Professional Pensions, Professional Adviser and BusinessGreen.

Meanwhile, the Channel Company will acquire Incisive’s technology portfolio, meaning CRN and CRN UK will reunite under the same company.

Simon Foster, CEO of Arc, said: “This is a pivotal step in the evolution of Arc. We are pleased to welcome Incisive Media CEO, Jonathon Whiteley, and the financial services and business sustainability teams to Arc, and look forward to growing and developing these portfolios.

“We also look forward to further developing the Arc platform through this acquisition with the addition of more resources and channels with which we can grow our network.”

Incisive Media is an award-winning business to business digital media and events business established in 1995. It operates in the financial services, enterprise technology and business sustainability markets with some of the most well-known brands in business media.

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