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How ChatGPT-like tools can help eventprofs

The future of ChatGPT-like tools for event organizers could bring alternatives for data analysis to help improve experiences, according to an ExpoPlatform leader.

Mykyta Fastovets, CTO, told how our industry should expect generative AI solutions to be able to help participants and planners in a range of ways.

It comes as AI-powered features came out as the most popular opportunity for technology to develop in our Event Tech Forecast. Download you copy here for full insights.

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He said: “So far, there are two directions we’d like to explore. One is how can we assist our users to better use our platform – that’s organizers and their customers, visitors and exhibitors.

“It’s about offering assistance in a way where they don’t need to speak to a real person. 

“We’ve trained an algorithm on documentation which explains how to use the platform, then you can ask questions and it will give you responses in a natural way. 

“It could give you a link to where it got the reference for that response.”

Generative AI projects – such as ChatGPT – made a splash this year, across the world and in the events industry.

The artificial intelligence chatbot allows users to refine and steer a conversation towards a desired length, format, style, level of detail and language used.

It became the fastest-growing consumer application in history at the start of this year when it hit an average of about 13 million unique daily visitors – it was later over taken by social media platform Threads.

Eventprofs can use tools like this to assist them by generating content, personalizing messaging and even helping to curate a show’s schedule.

The 31st edition of the UFI Global Barometer also found 62% believe they will directly impact event sales, marketing and customer relations – while 22% say it already does.

Algorithm-fuelled features through event tech providers like ExpoPlatform already allow for email automation, matchmaking possibilities and more.

Mykyta set out how another route for this technology is to offer a simple way to generate easy-to-understand data analysis for organizers.

He said: “The other direction is creating an alternative to data analysis to what exists now. 

“One of the challenges in the event industry specifically is the teams working with platforms like ours are not statisticians. 

“Any piece of event tech needs people who are really data savvy, being able to build graphs and explain why they’re answering the question the person is asking. 

“So what you can do instead is build a chatbot that will allow you to iteratively explore the data and go deep. 

“This is one of the directions we’re working on. The idea is to be able to build something generic enough where you can work on any kind of data.”

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