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The real state of event tech

Virtual events have suffered a blow since the reopening of markets across the world.

But those stories don’t give the full picture about the ongoing digital transformation of our industry.

That’s why this week we’ve seen XLIVE put event tech in the spotlight for a deeper dive into what’s really been going on in our industry.

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State of event tech in a post pandemic era

App adoption has boomed since the exhibition industry reopened with event tech now used more “extensively” than ever before, according to an article.

XLIVE has published a review of how digital tools are being incorporated into in-person events against a backdrop of bad news for virtual shows.

The publisher interviewed ExpoPlatform’s Chief Growth Officer Luke Bilton for his overview of how the industry is coping with the new levels of tech engagement.

He said“Beneath the clickbait headlines of boom and bust, the underlying story is that the event industry has never used technology as extensively as it does today.”

Luke added that app adoption has skyrocketed compared to pre-pandemic levels, while marketers sponsoring or exhibiting at events expect to see real-time leads the same way they can manage their PPC campaigns.

Vanessa Lovatt, Global Director of Customer Engagement at Notified, added: “I totally get the human yearning to get back in person. But is the word we always say is back in person. I don’t think we’re an industry that goes backwards — we are an industry that goes forwards, and what lies ahead of us is almost certainly not just in person.”

Sustainable partnership for ASM Global

ASM Global has announced a new partnership to introduce better sustainability models in its venue portfolio.

The move will see the business leverage Honeycomb Strategies’ extensive experience of events-related bet practices to make fully informed decisions on investments.

It comes as sustainability has become a critical contributor to venue management and operations in the live show industry.

ASM Global President and CEO Ron Bension said, “Demand for cutting-edge sustainability innovations for our vast network of facilities has been steadily increasing. Honeycomb Strategies and their excellent leadership team are best in class.

“A trusted resource, they provide unique services and employ a proven process that will protect the best interests of our clients. Our partnership with Honeycomb Strategies will further ensure our place as the premier provider in live entertainment.”

ASM Global’s portfolio includes some of the world’s best known venues in the live entertainment, trade show event, hospitality stadium and sports spaces.

Simplified education scheme for IMEX America

IMEX America has simplified its educational programme as it gears up for it Las Vegas show.

The event is set to take place in October with at least 3,000 buyers already indicating they will participate.

Its free learning programme has been simplified to allow attendees to immediately identify the sessions that best fit their current needs.

This new Pathways to Clarity theme has streamlined the number of education tracks from 10 to four – Respect for People and Planet, Future Self, Innovation and Creativity as well as Event Planner Toolkit.

Carina Bauer, CEO of the IMEX Group, said: “We know that face to face events are where the best, most nuanced conversations take place and IMEX America has been designed around facilitating and supporting these meetings.

“We’ve ensured the show offers buyers the chance to tailor their experience to suit their current needs as well as accomplish multiple goals. The wide range of international suppliers, re-designed learning programme and extensive opportunities to connect are set to support buyers’ business requirements now and in the year ahead.” 

Campaign to attract business events to Thailand

Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau has launched a new campaign to put business events at the heart of the nation’s reopening.

The aim is to stimulate MICE industry through four strategic approaches which will the drive local economy.

A total of 6,130,000 business travellers are expected through the scheme which will generate 28.4 billion baht in revenue for the country.

The four stages of the BACK campaign are:

  • Build Confidence and Trust
  • Accelerate Dream MICE Activity
  • Communication and Inspire the World
  • Kick off World Events Bidding

The scheme aims to increase the confidence of both domestic and international MICE travellers, promote the continued organisation of events, and attract world-class shows to the country.

Less than third of firms ‘happy’ with data analytics

Less than a third of businesses are comfortable with their data analytic capabilities, according to a new study.

Findings from Pico Group’s latest Annual Market Survey show 31% were happy with their current level of competence.

The results also show that in-person events are more important in 2022 when compared to even pre-lockdown times – 64% of respondents ranked them as ‘extremely important’ or ‘very important’ this year while only 45% did previously.

Tyronne O’Callaghan, vice president at Pico, said: “What is particularly interesting is that brands continue to be challenged by changing customer behaviour and are focused on finding ways to attract new customers.

“This raises the question of whether and how the audience experience is also changing.”

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