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Event Analytics & Insights

Uncover trends in your events and communities with our new impactful analytics. Get instant data and insights on intuitive dashboards to measure success and generate ROI.

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Exhibitor participation at the PGA Virtual Experience and Marketplace was strong - and we look forward to continued platform enhancements moving forward.

3000+ exhibitors onboarded
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Real-time lead intel for exhibitors and sponsors

Follow up leads instantly with actionable insights from the ROI dashboard. It tracks prospect activities and interactions with exhibitor profiles, marketing content, advertisements and more.

Track your entire event with dedicated dashboards

The general analytics section contains 10 separate dashboards to cover key functions such as registration, marketplace, content, marketing and others in an infographic view.

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Gather insights from downloadable reports

Organisers can download a wide range of reports ranging from exhibitors or visitor scanned contacts to favourited items and sessions. These reports can be customised to remove or include certain fields.

Analyse meeting and session-specific metrics

View insights from ongoing sessions and meetings in your event on individual dashboards. They offer granular details for online and real-time meetings as well as various kinds of sessions.

Get a bird’s-eye view of your events and community with analytics

Measure the success with real-time data and insights on an intuitive platform. Get a personalised demo of our event app by scheduling a call.

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