Online Meetings

In-built Video Conferencing

No need for multiple sign-ups on different tools! Our meeting system integrates into our networking platform itself for a hassle-free, no installs experience.

Multiple Meeting types supported

Be it one-to-one meetings or conferences, product demonstrations or webinars, engage effectively in the desired manner.

Exhibitor Product Catalogues

Showcasing products is super easy with the product catalogue and document sharing functionality.

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Online Meetings
Event Website
Sessions And Speakers
Online Networking
Online Conferences
Meetings & Scheduling
Floor Plan
Exhibitor Manual
Email Marketing
NEW: Hosted Buyer Programme
Lead Capture
Round Tables
Mobile App


  • In-built Video Conferencing ( integrates into our networking platform itself for a hassle-free, no installs needed)
  • Multiple Meeting types supported (1-2-1, conferences, product demonstrations, webinars) and streaming to any number of attendees
  • Exhibitor Product Catalogues access and possibility to share marketing materials
  • Video channel, screen sharing, in-meeting chat
  • Meeting scheduling and confirmation within the event platform and personal attendee calendars
  • Push notifications, email confirmation and notification, meeting rating system
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  • Beautiful & responsive website
  • Pre-configured templates with flexibility for customisation
  • Drag & drop builder
  • Customisable via intuitive CMS
  • Integrated with all other modules
  • Custom form builder
  • Custom URL, HTML/JS support
  • Data capture and gated downloads
  • Custom email domain
  • SEO-friendly (sitemap, meta tags, etc.)
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  • Single or multiple tracks, categories and tags
  • Automatic connection of speakers to the sessions
  • Syncs with Google and Outlook calendars
  • Presentation and document sharing
  • Interactive speaker profiles
  • Fully synchronised with the event website and the mobile application
  • Session/workshop scheduling tool
  • Session check-in & attendance analytics
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  • Exhibitor and Visitor profiles
  • Online lead capture via microsite interactions
  • AI-driven Matchmaking
  • Meetings & Messages
  • Favourites & Connections
  • Personal schedule
  • E-briefcase
  • Interactive product catalogue
  • Smart search with custom categories and filters
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  • Video stream and screen sharing
  • Multiple speakers and moderators
  • Live Polls, Q&A, Chat (survey, multi-choice questions, open questions), real time analytics, detailed personalised data on attendees answers
  • In-built Video Conferencing (integrates into our networking platform itself for a hassle-free, no installs needed)
  • Live stream to social media
  • Unlimited number of viewers
  • Synchronised translation and parallel audio streams
  • Push notifications, email confirmation and notification, session rating system
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  • AI-driven Matchmaking
  • Machine learning algorithms based on anonymised matchmaking data
  • Matching of all relevant business requests
  • Continuous notifications about new matches
  • Matching of companies, people and event content
  • Meeting suggestions based on matchmaking results
  • Additional sponsor options
  • A powerful data source for event analytics
  • Available in web and native mobile app
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Meetings & scheduling

  • Meetings with multiple participants from each side
  • Meeting suggestion based on the matchmaking results
  • Automatic match of free time for the meeting parties
  • Personalised schedule for each attendee
  • Synchronisation with external calendars (outlook and google)
  • Exhibitor/Sponsor team member personal schedule
  • Meeting settings management through the back-end interface
  • Meeting status reports for the organiser
  • Automated meeting rating email to collect valuable feedback
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  • Custom floor plan layout
  • Exhibition and conference customisation
  • Multi-hall layout
  • Interactive floor plan on the website and mobile app
  • Search for exhibitors by name/hall/product category, zoom in and out the floor plan,
  • Access to an individual stand information and exhibitor profile.
  • Directions & Route planning
  • Marking of visitor connections, meetings and favourite products
  • Selling exhibitor space option in exhibitor registration
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  • Online Registration, Ticketing and Badging
  • Self-registration onsite
  • Zone check-in & Check-in Analytics
  • Operator scanning system
  • Personal & Group registration
  • Conditional logic fields
  • Automated reminders to visitors as the show date approaches
  • High-quality data for future marketing campaigns
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  • Exhibitor manual with custom multi-step pipeline
  • Easy to use drag & drop builder
  • Individual submission deadline for each step
  • Mangement of the required and non-required steps
  • Conditional logic – unique flow for different types of exhibitors
  • The manual enables collection of docs, services badges, equipment orders, etc.
  • Multiple vendors support
  • Automatic notifications to organiser and vendors
  • Automated reminders of approaching submission deadlines
  • Export of all exhibitor data in xls format and each exhibitor progress tracking
  • Interactive equipment, tech supply, temporary service catalogue
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  • Drag & drop email builder
  • Ability to create and save own templates
  • Ability to send large quantities of emails
  • Personalised email content
  • Automated campaigns
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Hosted Buyer Programme

  • Create custom questionnaires and forms to qualify buyers digitally
  • Build interactive profiles for hosted buyers & agents
  • Provide digital check-ins for buyers
  • Categorise and track buyer benefits and remuneration
  • Oversee general, exhibitor, and seated meetings with scheduler
  • Send personalised emails with drag & drop builder and custom templates
  • View statistics for buyer registrations, meetings, interests, products, messages etc.
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Lead Capture

  • Lead capture within the event mobile application or as a stand-alone application
  • Real-time data capture
  • Categorisation of each contact
  • Rating of scanned contacts
  • Adding notes
  • Scan barcodes/QR-codes
  • Mobile app and web access to the scanned contacts list
  • Export of scanned results by visitor/exhibitor
  • Organiser analytics on scan results
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Round tables

  • Dedicated round table sessions, each with multiple tables during the same session
  • Moderators management
  • Visitor application is available during the registration or at any time afterwards
  • Automated algorithm selection of optimal assignment
  • Moderators control on the delegate orders and final assignment
  • Email confirmation of round table seating to each delegate
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  • Native Event App (iOS / Android)
  • Drag & Drop mobile app builder
  • Local attractions and travel information
  • All features of the networking web portal
  • Exhibitor/Product catalogue/search
  • Matchmaking
  • Event Programme & Speakers
  • Interactive floor plan
  • Meeting calendar and personal scheduling
  • Internal messaging
  • Exhibitors/Visitors Profiles
  • Exhibitor/Visitor lead capture
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  • Insight into attendee’s interests and behaviour
  • Comprehensive data to drive sponsorship
  • Smart reports and charts
  • Multi-event data
  • Analytics for visitor registration and check-in
  • Payment and invoicing reports
  • Analytics for visitor/exhibitor activity and interactions
  • Analytics for session & speaker popularity
  • Meeting status and meeting rating reports
  • Exhibitor profile analytics, leads generated online
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I am interested in ExpoPlatform offers for the following modules:


We are delighted with the move to ExpoPlatform, the sites all look so much better than we had before, the functionality and delegate engagement is vastly improved with EP system and registrations have increased!

Ceri Rogers
Event Director at New Start

Our goal is for the Cosmoprof platform to become more and more widespread, to better respond to the needs of companies in the sector. We are pleased with the success from our partnership with Expoplatform and look forward to working with the team for our upcoming events.

Francesca Maturi, CosmoProf

Using ExpoPlatform system to manage our data was fast and easy. Finally we have a better idea of our visitor and exhibitor requests which will help us to properly prepare ArabPlast 2019. With a new website our event looks modern and attractive. Pre-show online registration helped to solve a problem of queues. Our visitors were able to contact exhibitors, schedule meetings and search for products and stands, using online floor plan.

Satish Khanna
General Manager Al Fajer Information & Services

I know almost every technology provider on the market and I think that ExpoPlatform provides something unique. We wanted to deliver better networking options to our clients and with EP matchmaking and appointments we managed to increase visitor engagement before the event.

Adam Parry
Co-founder at AMP Events

ExpoPlatform has been a great solution to our extensive registration process needs. Their support team has been extremely helpful throughout the whole process and created great new features collaboratively. It is easy to work with because of the plug-and-play features, while still being able to keep your own brand identity. ExpoPlatform is a great platform to work with for both small and big events; a great match!

Caroline Schikker
Event Manager at Accenture Innovation Awards

Provide engaged networking for your attendees

Get started and set up your own Networking Platform & Event Website right now. ExpoPlatform networking allows every visitor, exhibitor, speaker, sponsor get more value from the event with AI matchmaking, meeting scheduling, product catalogue, profile analytics, etc.

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