Organiser notes for Visitor and Exhibitor profiles
October 17, 2022

As an organiser, you can add notes to the Visitor and Exhibitor profiles from the Admin panel.

  • These notes remain private to the Organiser
  • Previously, it was only available on Buyer profiles

organiser notes 1

The date is visible once the user’s completion level has reached 100%

organiser notes 2

What are the benefits?

  • Keep track of your clients specificities 
  • Have notes every time you need to follow up with any specific account
  • Invite admins/key account managers to add their notes
  • Adds up a valuable feature to the concierge experience

Summary of features

  • From the Admin Panel > Management > Visitors / Exhibitors it is possible to add notes that only remain visible for the organiser.

Back end: already available, no setting to activate