Mobile App Relaunch
Event Mobile App
January 20, 2022

ExpoPlatform’s event mobile app is an essential companion to in-person events, providing AI-powered matchmaking, messaging and exhibitor discovery. The relaunch gives you more customisation and monetisation opportunities than before.


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What are the benefits?

  • Create more valuable smart events with AI-powered matchmaking, messaging and meeting scheduling.
  • Design a custom experience with bespoke homepages, fonts and colours
  • Increase revenue with new monetisation opportunities including featured profiles, banner advertising and sponsorship

Summary of features

  • The native mobile applications are available for iOS and Android devices. Container App to launch multiple events within single one download
  • Customisable homepages, fonts and colours to make a unique experience
  • New mobile banners across the app and sponsorship opportunities
  • Lead capture provided free of charge. Use the app to scan QR codes on badges.
  • Integrated Floorplan to provide navigation around the venue
  • Search and filter through exhibitor lists, product catalogue and content agendas
  • Integrated with website for pre-event planning and meeting scheduling
  • Caching of all app content so it can be used at venue without internet access