Marketplace Tender RFP
January 28, 2022

New Marketplace Tender makes it easy for buyers to send Requests for Proposal (RFPs) to a large number of suppliers, significantly increasing the value generated from your community or event.

What are the benefits?

  • Generate leads at scale for exhibitors, significantly increasing the value that suppliers receive.
  • A helpful new AI-assisted service for Visitors to find the right products and services
  • Organisers can see the value flowing through the platform as Return of Investment (ROI) to participants

Summary of features

  • Easy-to-use RFP tool which uses AI-based supplier recommendations to generate a high volume of leads
  • Customise form for fields used by your industry
  • Suppliers can accept or decline RFPs, respond directly to buyers with messaging and 121 meetings
  • Organisers can track the value of proposals through the platform