Email address of the person scanning added to organiser’s scan reports
Lead Scanner
July 27, 2022

The email of the person who scans has been added to the Organiser’s Scanned Contacts Reports, enabling to identify the person

organiser scanned contacts


This email is present in column A of the reports “exhibitors scanned contacts” and “visitors scanned contacts”.

business community platformorganiser scanned contact

What are the benefits?

  • Better Lead Intelligence for Organisers.
  • The Organiser gets visibility on the number of times a unique user has used the scanner.
  • Allows for better post-show analysis, like most active team members and visitors.

Summary of features

  • When connected to the Admin Panel, in Import/Export the organiser can export the Scanned Contact Reports including the email to identify each unique person who has scanned.
  • Email is present between brackets in Column A.