“Who scanned me?”
Event Mobile App
October 25, 2022

In the Mobile app>Scanned badges section, a new tab “Scanned me” is accessible.

  • It contains the records of all users who have scanned your badge via the mobile app.
  • This list is exportable to your email via export button.

who scanned me

What are the benefits?

  • Get both types of leads: the ones you scanned and the ones who scanned you
  • Get the full history of your interactions onsite
  • Like the “I scanned list”, you can send the “Scanned me” list to your email

Summary of features

  • “Scanned me” tab allows you to see who scanned your badge
  • Export the list of who “Scanned you” to your email
  • Notes: there are no “stars” in the “Scanned me” list as you can’t rate and add comments on those who scanned you.
  • Clicking on the card in the “Scanned me” list – opens that user (or exhibitor)’s public profile.