Website Builder Exhibitor block to show specific exhibitors
Event Website
August 31, 2022

As an organiser, you have the ability to choose which exhibitors you want to surface on your website. By using the “Exhibitor block”, 3 options are available to retrieve them:

  • Name search, with auto search (several exhibitors can be added)
  • Exhibitor Category
  • Exhibitor Tags

website builder exhibitor block

website builder exhibitor block

What are the benefits?

  • Promotion: highlight specific exhibitors, based on specific promotions you are running
  • Ease of use: Get exhibitors dynamically pulled into this list depending on their category or tag.

Summary of features

  • Ability for the organiser to choose which exhibitors get surface via the Website Builder /  “Exhibitor block”
  • Add/Remove Exhibitors by name
  • Add/Remove Exhibitors by using their category and tags
  • The 3 methods work with “AND” logic, so it’s possible to retrieve exhibitors with specific categories AND tags