Parent Child Relationships
April 1, 2022

The organiser can define which child companies belong to a single parent company and make them appear in the exhibitor directory. There are 3 use cases:

1Pavilion*Stand sharers
2Head Office**Regional Offices
3Head Office**Event-specific companies


* displayed in a dedicated “Pavilion” tab of the Exhibitor directory
** displayed in the “Exhibitors” tab



What are the benefits?

  • Better UX when browsing companies, by identifying parent companies at a glance along with the number of child companies and child companies details on the parent exhibitor card.
  • Avoids the multiplicity of companies appearing in search results, by displaying the parent company first.
  • Better representation and referencing of companies overall = happier exhibitors and organisers.

Summary of features

  • This new feature is available as a setting in Admin Panel / Management / Exhibitor.
  • When creating a parent exhibitor, organiser must choose “Pavilion” or “Head Office” which influences where this company is listed.
  • Setting is also available via exhibitor import