Meeting Complete
October 26, 2022
  • For table meetings, during event days when table meetings are scheduled, any of these actions would change the status of that meeting to Completed on the meeting tracking screen
  • When one of the parties scans the other’s badge during the time a meeting between them is scheduled
  • Concierge (or someone else) scans the unique QR code generated for that table during the time a meeting is scheduled, with their phone camera
  • To make this possible, under Event Setup > Networking & Matchmaking > Meeting Zones there is a new button “Export tables QR codes

What are the benefits?

  • Better insight into meeting completion rates for the organiser
  • Better insight into who is not turning up for their meetings for the organiser

Summary of features

  • Scanning of a table meeting participant’s badge and scanning of a table meeting’s QR code will automatically mark that meeting as Completed on the meeting tracking screen