Matchmaking sorting on Marketplace
August 31, 2022

When this setting is ON, the default sorting of the Marketplace (Exhibitors and Products) is by Matchmaking results, depending on the user’s interests. The results are still sorted by MM order when using search and filters. Search weight is disabled for logged-in users.

matchmaking sorting on marketplace

Alternative behaviour (Setting OFF and Setting ON but user is logged out): results are presented in alphabetical order with search weight applied.

matchmaking sorting on marketplace


What are the benefits?

  • More personalised Marketplace experience.
  • As they land on the Marketplace, users can be presented with Exhibitors and Products of interest to them.
  • As they use the search and filters, results matching their interests are surfaced in priority.

Summary of features

  • Ability for the organiser to present search results sorted by default in matchmaking order for logged-in users who have registered their interests.
  • Prerequisite: Matchmaking needs to be mapped out in Networking & Matchmaking/Data Matching
  • Admin Panel: Registration Settings>Exhibitor>Additional Settings