Filters Management
Event Website
October 25, 2022

As an organiser, you can fully personalise the way filters appear in my directories (on the web app).

filter management 1
Via the “Filter Display” menu, you can:

1. Reorder the filters by dragging
2. Turn their visibility off
3. Display them to only specific participant categories
4. Rename their title*

filter management 2

Works for each directory tab: Delegates, Speakers, Buyers, Exhibitors, Pavilions, Products, Brands, Sessions, Groups, News.

filter management 3

filter management 4

What are the benefits?

  • Full autonomy in setting the filters the way you want. No need to rely on our team for custom edits.
  • Useful when you don’t want to expose some filter
  • Display the relevant filters on specific tabs (eg. buyers)
  • Display the relevant filters to specific categories of users (eg. VIPs)
  • Moving, hiding, renaming…All changes get reflected in real time!

Summary of features

  • Back end: General Settings > Display Filters

    Important Notes: 
  • Default filter order is now: Countries/Participant Categories/Activity Categories/Interest Categories/Tags.
    You may want to check and reorder your filters if you were using any custom CSS to manage a custom order previously.
  • *Renaming is in EN. Multilingual to be supported soon.