Exhibitor Category Management
October 28, 2022

Manage all the exhibitors entitlements and permissions from one single place: the category settings

Part 1 of this release includes the following settings:

  • Company description limit
  • Additional video
  • Header image & Background image

Part 2 of this release includes the following settings:

  • Team Members (1-unlimited)
  • Active Products (0-unlimited)
  • Categories limits for exhibitors and products (1-unlimited)

exhibitor category managementexhibitor category management

On top of existing settings: 

  • Marketing Content Limit (0-unlimited)
  • RFP replies limit (0-unlimited)
  • And more: meetings, messages…

exhibitor category management

exhibitor category management

Note: Sensitive settings are toggle-protected.
Default toggle status is off, to not overwrite current local limits.


  • For each exhibitor category, there is now a new setting that the organiser can toggle on to allow news items for that category, and indicate the number of allowed news items, or toggle off to disallow news for that entire category
  • As with other category settings and limits each category can have its own unique settings
  • As with our other category level limits, when the toggle is on the default limit will automatically be pre-filled, in this case  with 1 as the default, but this can be changed as desired

do not allow news

do not allow news

What are the benefits?

  • Monetisation: allows to build tiered exhibitor packages
  • Saves time during setup by applying to the category
  • Complies with what’s already used by some events 
  • Easier upgrade process
  • By being able to control whether each exhibitor category is allowed news items, and controlling how many news items independently for each category, news can now be a new monetisation opportunity for organisers.

Summary of features

Exhibitor package management directly from the category settings. New page gives organisers the ability to offer new items for only certain categories and to control how many news items each of those categories is allowed.