Custom fields for badges (print and digital)
August 31, 2022

Ability for the organiser to add their own custom fields for badges, arrange their display and tick/untick them to make them appear on specific badges.

custom field for badges
Available in: Admin Panel>Registration Settings>Badges both for Regular and Digital badges

custom field for badges

What are the benefits?

  • Providing more key information on badges
  • Better visual differentiation of attendees by displaying their specialities and entitlements

Summary of features

  • Added fields can be chosen from any registration system field or registration custom question.
  • Added fields can be ticked to be displayed on the badge.
  • Added fields can be removed from the list (and they’ll be removed from the badge too).
  • Settings for additional fields – same as for default fields that we already have on badges.
  • Available for both print badges (unlimited fields) and digital badges (limited fields to fit the size)