Ability to Output External Barcodes and QR codes on Badges
Lead Scanner
April 28, 2022

Organisers now have more control over the badge output for their event. They can now choose between:

    • Default (EP) QR code
    • External QR code
    • Default (EP) barcode
    • External barcode
  • Badges with any of these types of codes can be printed through our platform
  • Each of these codes is then scannable using the EP event mobile app

tradeshow lead retrieval

What are the benefits?

  • More flexibility for organisers
  • Ability to output the necessary type of code for those events using non-EP lead retrieval, while still using EP’s badge printing functionality

Summary of features

  • Badges being printed via the EP event site can be configured to show an external QR code or an external barcode, making the badge scannable by non-EP lead retrieval systems