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How to become the Netflix of events

In this video interview with Exhibition News, Luke Bilton our Chief Growth Officer talks about the challenges and opportunities event organisers face in using AI-powered matchmaking and personalisation.


Based on his experience as VP Digital at Informa Markets and UBM before that, he explores some key issues including:

  • Why the 3 day event model severely limits the volume of visitor data that any algorithm can use, a problem which a year-round community emodel can solve
  • The need to continuously build up a library of Products and Content to serve to visitors, which comes from a year-round marketplace strategy.
  • The difficulty in creating a seamless experience when you’re trying to connect legacy platforms

The emerging community model is one based around providing customers with a consistent, year-round experience that can build up into virtual and hybrid events – without moving customers from one platform to another.

Underpinned by machine learning, this can create Netflix-like personalisation over time, as the more behavioural data you get from a visitor, the better the recommendations of content, products and people will become.



ExpoPlatform’s new Community 365 platform gives event leaders the tools to create a seamless, year-round experience including:

  • AI Matchmaking with smart person-to-object matchmaking software to  recommend the most relevant people, sessions, products, companies, news, speakers.
  • Content Hub to allow you to become the source of news and insights for your community.  The hub brings together digital content, On-Demand sessions and products in one place.
  • Host regular webinars and meetups to bring the community together every week.
  • Create a Marketplace for your industry. Platform to to promote exhibitors products year-round when a potential buyer needs them and generate leads
  • Attract buyers with SEO. 70% of traffic to B2B media comes from organic search. Don’t miss out on this critical audience acquisition channel for buyers with purchase intent.
  • New monetisation opportunities by providing exhibitors with year-round advertising,  lead generation and content solutions year round.
  • Video Meetings and  Messaging to connect your industry pre, during and post the event with video meetings and messaging.
  • Fully customisable design. Use our drag and drop editor to design interactive marketing pages.
  • Global support in 10 languages, multilingual platform


To see for yourself, get in touch for a demo

Luke Bilton

Luke Bilton

Chief Growth Officer

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