Is your Event Management System easy to use?

Our Event Management System is intuitive and easy to use. and includes an interactive interface guide. In addition, our support line and emails are operated 24/7. so you can always ask for help whenever you need it.

Are your technology and solutions secure enough for our events?

We use the best industry practices when handling any sensitive data. including encryption and firewalled servers. We use Amazon Web
Services for all hosting who have an outstanding track record, and we also make regular off-site backups of all data.

What kind of training do we need have to use your systems?

Your license will include one to one training for your staff. although the system itself is intuitive enough to be used without any special training.

If we want to use some our existing tech solutions(like CRM, marketing tools, etc), are you able to integrate with them?

We provide an API for integration with any existing systems we may be using. If you need help connecting them, we can also do that.

How long does it take to set up a new platform for event?

You can expect to have a fully functional platform within two weeks of signing the agreement.

How do you charge for the networking platform, mobile app and management system?

We charge an annual license fee based on the size and type of your event. We have a core system and a number of extra modules that let you
customise your platform to fit your event and your needs perfectly.

How many languages does your platform support?

Currently we are able to provide any number of languages, though LTR languages are not yet fully supported.

Do you provide support on site?

We do, but this is not included into the license fee.

Can yout create a custom feature for our event?

We would love to! In fact. almost 80% of our features are those requested by event organisers. Please tell us what you would like to see, and
we will do our best to satisfy your needs.

How user-friendly is your platform?

Our management system is very intuitive to use and our networking platform which is UI/UX thought through with additional tutorials for visitors and exhibitors.

How much flexibility do I have over the website content and the look-and-feel?

Our website builder has several templates to choose from. And every template is absolutely customisable with your own images, graphics, content. You can also change styles and colours in the settings.