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Event Tech Live 2018

Event Tech Live Replay: What does matchmaking mean to exhibitions?


Matchmaking is a hot topic of discussion in the world of B2B exhibitions and while many different approaches exist none have so far been able to truly solve the problem. At Event Tech Live 2018, Mykyta Fastovets, Expoplatform’s CTO led a panel discussion featuring Stephan Forseilles, Head of Technology and Digital Transformation at Easyfairs and Katie Crocombe, Director, 52eight3, dedicated to better understanding why matchmaking is needed and what is its job in the B2B exhibition scenario.

Some of the key questions addressed included:

  • What is the job of matchmaking at exhibitions in general? Are we trying to connect people? Are we trying to create deals? Are we building brands?
  • What approaches to matchmaking are being employed?
  • When evaluating success internally, what kinds of metrics should be used?
  • Are there things we don’t or can’t measure but should?

Catch up on this session here 

Interested in discussing this further? At Expoplatform, we are working on developing the ultimate matchmaking system for event organisers. To find out more and to see how this could positively impact your next event contact us today.


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