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How to create the perfect online complement for your conference


Originally created for Conference News, November 2018. 

A friend of mine once said that the most important person in a restaurant is no longer the chef if you’re sat at a dirty table. No matter the reputation that accompanies the steak you’ve ordered, the most important employee in that restaurant is now the one holding the bottle of Flash – not the spatula.

This adage holds true for PCOs and other companies in the congress and conference industry. All that spent focusing on quality speakers and other matters relating to content inside the plenary hall may amount to little if due care and consideration is not spent on the digital presence of the event.

Not all the content shared at your event takes place in the plenary hall, and having a clear strategy to engage delegates online and bringing them into your event’s digital space will be crucial for its success.

PCOs want to give people the best experience possible when they engage with each other at the events they create, but we need to do more than satisfy attendees’ needs; we need to delight them.

Technology providers must ensure the event website is easy, seamless, and personalised. There is no reason why a delegate must be forced to go through different systems in order to register and access their badge, connect with others at the event, build their agenda, etc.. This should all be at their fingertips and available from the website.

Registration forms are the biggest barrier to more delegates at your event. So why do we force them to fill out the same form each year? There is no need for end user to have several accounts and remember several credentials for each profile in different systems, or even across events. Data should seamlessly flow through all business applications invisible to the end user.

And of course given our reliance on handheld devices, the website should be brought onto your phone through an intelligently crafted app. If, as a visitor, I browse an event website that allows me to add sessions to my agenda, favourite people, schedule appointments, etc, then it is obvious that all this information should also appear when I log in with the very same details into the conference app.

It is of key importance that we seek technology solutions able to enhance the value proposition of our real-world events, especially when there are others out there who are making the move from the technological space in the realm of live events.

You should be the one activating your clients, not your competitors.


Are you looking to create the perfect online complement for your next event and not sure where to start? Drop us a line and we’d be happy to help. 


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