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The Future is… the Content Hub

“People go to events for two key reasons, : community, and content,” says Mykyta Fastovets on the pages of Conference and Meetings World.

“Community is the networking aspect of an event, an opportunity to engage with others interested in the same subject, make new connections and reinforce existing ones. Content, on the other hand, is the opportunity to learn and engage with experts and is often the reason the community has gathered in the first place.

But how would someone who knows nothing about the event find out about the content and the community around the event, and decide to attend? Certainly, there is marketing material a plenty, but much falls on deaf ears. A more effective approach is to let your visitors find you, and engage with your community. Getting found through popular search engines depends heavily on having a content-rich website where visitors can engage, rather than simply pumping out information and advertising. This is easier for organisers who also publish content, but can be challenge for others.

Technology can help. Imagine content from blogs and news sites all streamed to your event site, without requiring writers. Site visitors can find out about the event because it has relevant information on their subject of interest. They can comment on posts and start discussions, which also show up in the content stream and help engage others. Best of all, they are just a click away from printing their badge and visiting your event.”

And what do you think?