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The 12 event techs of Christmas

‘Tis the season of cheer and merriment – so here’s our list of the 12 event techs of Christmas! 

From AI matchmaking software to hosted buyer experiences, digital tools are sure to make your live shows jolly and bright.

And just like the spirit of Christmas encourages us to give and share with others, incorporating these techs into your events can help you plan better and more inclusive events in the coming year. 

So deck the halls with boughs of tech and let’s get started on this merry list!

#1 Event website – prepare the big party

event website

An event website is a perfect platform to showcase your event’s details, including the date, location and guest list.

This technology allows you to bring the festivities online, helping to build excitement and anticipation among guests.

#2 AI matchmaking – mistletoe for tradeshows

ai matchmaking

AI matchmaking technology can be used to connect guests with similar interests and backgrounds.

This makes it easy for them to find each other and start conversations. 

This tech can also be used to recommend content, products and companies – helping spark connections and create new business opportunities.

#3 Online registration – avoid the holiday rush!

online registration

Online registration technology allows guests to easily RSVP for your show, without the need for paper forms or in-person registration. 

This can help to streamline the process and avoid the last-minute rush that often comes with events.

#4 Email marketing – send out greetings and invites

email marketing

Email marketing technology allows you to send personalized invitations to your show, along with any important updates or details. 

This tech makes it easy to keep in touch with your guests and ensure everyone is on the same page.

#5 Meeting and scheduling – help partygoers connect

meeting and scheduling

Meeting and scheduling technology allows guests to connect and schedule one-on-one meetings with each other. 

This helps facilitate networking and connection-building, making your event a more valuable and engaging experience for everyone involved.

#6 Hosted buyer program – VIP treatment for guests with the biggest gifts!

hosted buyer program

The hosted buyer program technology allows you to invite and manage a select group of VIP guests who are interested in attending.

This technology provides these guests with special perks and privileges, such as access to exclusive areas or events, helping to make them feel valued and appreciated.

#7 Interactive floorplan – explore the party venue to the max:

interactive floorplan

Interactive floorplan technology allows guests to explore the venue and see all the different offerings available.

This can help guests to make the most of their time at the show and ensures they don’t miss out on anything.

#8 All-in-one nativ-ity app to explore the festive spirit

mobile event app

A Smart Event mobile app is an essential tool for any show or event. It integrates most other techs and helps create an immersive experience right at your fingertips.

Guests can access all the important information about the party, including the schedule, location and menu from their mobile devices. 

This helps attendees stay organized and informed, making the party experience more seamless and enjoyable.

#9 Online marketplaces – shop in the festive season and beyond

online marketplaces

Online marketplaces make it easy to compare and book venues and vendors all in one place, saving you time and stress during the busy seasons. 

Plus, many online marketplaces offer discounts and special offers during the holiday season –  so you can save some money and put it towards that extra bit of entertainment at your show.

#10 Exhibitor manual – tick off the party checklist

exhibitor manual

An exhibitor manual is a tool that allows you to create a customizable checklist of all the tasks and details that need to be taken care of so that nothing falls through the cracks and your party goes off without a hitch.

For example, participants can fill in their information for personalized recommendations and favors, indicate their food preferences and other stuff.

#11 Analytics – unboxing the (data) presents


No show is complete without guests – and knowing who’s coming to your event can be just as important as the day itself.

Event analytics tools can help you track and analyze data on your guests, such as theirs demographics, interests and behaviors. 

This information can be invaluable for planning future events, as well as for tailoring your party to your guests’ preferences. 

Plus, with the wealth of data at your fingertips, you can be the life of the party with fun facts and stats to share with your guests.

#12 Lead intelligence – making after-party connections

lead intelligence

After the show is over, it’s important to stay connected with your guests and build on the connections made during the event. 

Lead intelligence tools can help you collect and manage information on your guests, such as their contact details and interests, so you can continue to engage with them and build relationships long after the event is over. 

Plus, with the ability to segment, score and target your communications, you can ensure that your follow-up messages are personalized and relevant to each individual guest.


The 12 event techs of Christmas can help make your event planning and execution as smooth and successful as Santa’s sleigh ride on Christmas Eve. 

From Smart Event apps to interactive floorplans, these tech solutions are the gifts that keep on giving for a stress-free and successful event.

So let the event techs of Christmas work their magic and make your event a festive and memorable one.

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