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ExpoPlatform embarks on new partnership with ETT

ExpoPlatform has announced a strategic partnership with the Exhibition Think Tank Club, helping to drive innovation and connect the event industry all over the world.

Exhibition Think Tank (ETT) Club is a global online platform for exhibition professionals to network, debate and continue to help the sector move forward. 

The leading event technology provider will now be Online Platform Gold Sponsor for ETT throughout 2022, representing an “extremely” important source of support for its mission to educate and improve our industry.

Matthias Tesi Baur, ETT founder, described the new arrangement with ExpoPlatform as signalling a partnership which will continue for “years to come” and help drive innovation.

He said: “We are really looking forward to partner and to work with ExpoPlatform, also in the years to come.

“For us it’s much more than a sponsorship – it’s really a partnership to discuss a lot of ideas, to discuss the development of the industry and to really find out what the future will hold for us in the different possible scenarios.

“We are very thrilled to work with ExpoPlatform, we believe and hope that this is for the years to come and we know that we will discover a lot of innovation – which hopefully will help the industry really to move forward and to develop exhibitions for our clients.”

Tanya Pinchuk, ExpoPlatform CEO, added: “We are excited to extend our partnership with the ETT-Club for 2022.

“We enjoy working with Tesi and with the highly professional team behind the initiative.

“Tesi’s strategic thinking and his ability to bring people together creates the incredible opportunity for every exhibition professional to connect and problem solve.

“I’m looking forward to collaborating on all the projects that we have already planned for 2022 to drive our industry forward.” 

ETT-Club members come from different sectors and countries but come together to share their expertise, vision and insights – with about 80% of the sessions held for free to help improve inclusion.

The “big philosophy” of the organisation is to give everyone an equal say in the direction these projects will take.

Its next “mission” will be focussing on strategy and innovation, with the sessions taking place in the first half of the year.

The previous two were centred around the topics of reopening the industry and marketing. 

ETT’s community also includes group leaders based in different regions around the globe who provide monthly updates about how the sector is performing where they are.

They gather feedback from what members in their groups are interested in and want to talk about in the organisation’s sessions.

ExpoPlatform will be working alongside ETT and will produce in-depth guides to help industry professionals navigate the changing landscape of events.

It has released three ebooks throughout 2021 under its Blueprint Series, with each one focussing on a major topic with insights from event leaders.

The UK-based event tech provider operates globally and is trusted by world-leading organisers due to its innovative and reliable technology.

Tesi added: “ExpoPlatform is for the ETT a partner from the first minute, even before they became a sponsor.

“The ETT is still a very young organisation and our goal is to bring people from all around the world, from all backgrounds, together to collaborate and innovate the industry.

“In the partnership with ExpoPlatform, it was just very important that we get support from innovative companies, from the companies who are really in the frontline of innovation – but also from companies and partners who believe in the momentum of innovation that comes out through collaboration.

“The partnership with ExpoPlatform is extremely important for us because it says that ExpoPlatform believes in ETT, but also believes in the power of crowd innovation.”