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Top tactics to get attendees using your event platform

Choosing an event technology platform that works best for your live, hybrid or virtual event is only half of the battle. The next step is to engage your attendees by getting them to actually use the platform. This is where the idea of empowering your attendee comes in. You need to give them the tools, technology and motivation to make the most of your event. So how do you get attendees – even the technology-shy ones – interested in your event platform?

Here are our top seven tactics:

#1 Emails with onboarding videos and guides

email with onboarding videos

Your event participants need a starting point to get used to the platform. One of the most effective ways is to send out clear instructions for their first steps. Include links to detailed onboarding videos and how-to guides that introduce them to the event and what the platform does. This shows what their experience will be like, as well as the platform features they can use to get more value out of the event.

#2 Training sessions and workshops

training and workshops

Learning event technology platforms can involve a steep learning curve – and self-learning guides might not suffice. Webinars can be organised for pre-event training and workshops so participants can experience the platform firsthand. This can avoid leaving users frustrated from a lack of guidance and give answers to their questions.

#3 Meeting requests

meeting requests from another human

People yearn for social connections. It’s a good idea to trigger these instincts by getting your customer support team to communicate with them after they have registered. They’ll feel more comfortable using the platform if they get a meeting request from another person.

#4 Easy mobile app installation

easy mobile app installation

A highly optimised mobile app of the platform can significantly boost attendee registration for your event. Having a mobile alternative can be a key factor in helping participants sign up, access their dashboards and discover more about your event platform. Make sure the app is available on all platforms – iOS, Android, Windows – and easy to navigate. It should be quick to install, without hassle.

#5 Reward use of platform features

explore platform features

Encourage attendees to explore the features of the event platform and award points for each new activity. This could mean logging in to the platform gets them five points, checking out the event agenda for 10 points, booking a one-to-one meeting for 15 points or filling in a feedback survey for 20 points. Once they have collected a certain number, they can be rewarded with products like a branded swag item or a digital gift coupon.    

#6 Testimonials


People are more convinced by those they trust. These could be industry affiliates, community members or past event attendees who are talking about your event platform. Running testimonials on social media ads and emails by those who have had a good experience with your platform is a great way to encourage other attendees to explore what the platform can offer.

#7 Joining an event community after registration

join event community

Being part of a close-knit community gives attendees a sense of belonging. It gives a support network that can help them grow, thrive and find new business opportunities. Promoting your event platform through email, social media or other channels highlights the opportunity to join an exclusive community by signing up with the platform. Your community should have a solid value proposition to encourage more registrations. This could be through membership perks, offers, early access to events, products and more.

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